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AAC-lc encoder
Hi all,

I have started porting aac-lc encoder to one of DSP processor. I started with IEC code it is taking around 300KB of memory.

Psychoaccoustic model is occupying more than 100KB. are there any better models.

also i have some doubt on frame length.

can i  have a frame length of lesser size( ex  512) than original ( 1024). and i will have my short frame length by 8 ( i.e 64).
and will iterate the loop twice,and then will pack the bitstream .

are there any better ways to optimize the memory of the aac-lc encoder.

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AAC-lc encoder
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AAC frame sizes are fixed by the standard, read the ISO spec.

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AAC-lc encoder
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300 KB is too much memory.. I think you can refer to some open source codecs like faac for this.

Regarding your second question : You cannot change the frame size of AAC

For LC its 1024 for long windows and 128 for short windows and its fixed

AAC LD has a frame size of 512 to give it a low delay and it doesnt have any short windows.

Hope this helps..