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Shortcuts wanted
There should be easy shortcuts both for "open new playlist" and specially clear playlist that can be utilized on laptops also without the numpad... thanks somebody please... ┬┤cause I love this player...
Or Mr Pawlovski pls:)

Shortcuts wanted
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It seems easy to me just assigning a keyboard shortcut of choice for those. Or are you thinking of some kind of a visual/GUI button option?

Shortcuts wanted
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I don't know exactly what he means, but I would like to see some Alt key support. This means that ALL menu entries (and a bit more work but this would be perfect ALL dialog buttons/checkboxes/etc.) would have an underscore letter (e.g.&Search instead of Search") to quickly access them in combination with the Alt key.

Shortcuts wanted
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If you use, for example, Search often enough that an alt key would actually save you time, wouldn't it be more efficient to just add a hotkey?

Shortcuts wanted
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you're right and Search already has a shortcut, this was rather an example what I mean.

But for the dialog options there would be a use, since you can't specify shortcuts for them. Well Alt+Key shortcuts would be nice, but at least as an requirement for a keyboard based media player would be that you can jump from the left side of the preferences to the actual option dialog with the Tab key or something like that, because as of now there is NO way to use all features of foobar2000 entirely with the keyboard since there is no way to activate/deactivate options.

I know that you should have a mouse nowadays, but sometimes I just don't want to switch to it just du change a single option in the preferences.

Shortcuts wanted
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I agree that the config is a bit odd, in that you can't tab around.  I honestly don't even know how Peter did that.

But I think that's the only place that you need a mouse.

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Shortcuts wanted
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Hey guys can you help me a bit?
I set up a global hotkey for search.
But I usually keep fb2k in the background.
When I do use the hotkey, the search window pops up, but it doesn't take focus.
I have the click the window in order to type.
I have always on top on, but that doesn't help.

Shortcuts wanted
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I don't think there's anything you can do about that.  Sorry.

The only "solution" (that I know of) is to assign a global hotkey to show the foobar window, and hit that hotkey first.

Shortcuts wanted
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I know it's not the easiest solution for newbies, but with a program called HoeKey from:

you can use the Windows key for global shortcuts and use a FocusMsg for doing this with e.g. WinKey+F3 globally. You need to find out the Command ID though, which needs other utilities like a Spy program, but if you're good in computers this should work perfect.

Moreover this program will really change the way you use/start programs.

EDIT: @Curious_George: You're right, for a media player the keyboard support is great, and you can really control everything but the options, but I don't think this wouldn't be hard to implement.
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