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Confused about 'Brothers in Arms' mastering versions

I'm confused about the different masterings of 'Brothers in Arms' by Dire Straits that exist.
What I've found:
The original mastering was done by John Dent
There is a 1995/96 remaster by Bob Ludwig
The european versions of those two appeared on Vertigo and seem to share the same catalog# (824 499-2) and barcode (042282449924). Is that even possible?
My copy is a version mastered by Bob Ludwig, there is no date indicating when it was mastered, but I'm quite sure my father owned it several years before 1996.
Could someone confirm:
- that there is an original 1985 master done by Bob Ludwig? Otherwise I'm in possession of the remaster.
- that the remaster mentions a remastering date in the liner notes?
Is there is a way to discern the different masterings by sound, loudness or emphasis? I could check for RG results if that helped.
Which, in your opinion is the best-sounding master? I know this disc gets metioned a lot if it comes to well-sounding cds. Is this valid for all versions?

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Confused about 'Brothers in Arms' mastering versions
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I would search/ask on the Steve Hoffman forums.

Confused about 'Brothers in Arms' mastering versions
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Steve Hoffman forums

Wow, thanks. 11 pages about this. Never heard of this forum before. That will give me a good read I guess.