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Problem with AlbumList

I tagged all my audio files (with title, tracknumber, artist, album artist, discnumber, genre and release year).
I've about 85% percent MP3s, 14% MPCs and 1% OGG Files

If i bind my audio-file-collection to the foobar media library and display the files with the album list with the following format-string:
%<genre>%|%album artist%|['('%date%')' ]%album%|['('[%discnumber%/]%tracknumber%')' ][%artist% - ]%title%

Now all tracks in a sampler should have "Various Artists" as %album artist%, and i.e. "Metallica" as "Artists". But Foorbar shows "Metallica" als "Artist" AND "Album Artist". But ONLY at MPC-Files. The MP3s are displayed right.

Can anyone help me?


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Problem with AlbumList
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I solved the problem myself!

Wasn't a Foobar failure! The Tagging-Software i used, wrote the Album Artist in the wrong Tag field.

Thanks anyway!