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OptimFROG - what's the latest?
Hi. Today, i've first learned of "OptimFROG" (sp?... i hope i've got that proper). The talk sounded interesting, but dated-- most recent i noticed-- circa 2005.

I wouldn't say i have much "heart" behind my query, but i /am/ curious. Allow me to qualify...

For a while (and, i'll likely continue) I've been archiving audio media using FLAC, via XCFA (X Convert File Audio, i believe is the abbreviation, for a software available for the X desktop [e.g. Debian / Fedora Linux]), or ISOBuster . From there, i'd been pretty satisfied going to LAME VBR Extreme, until I discovered Musepack (sp?), whereby I /thought/ i detected a sonically more robust result, to a smaller file, so-- it's unfortunate i've done so much of my lib using the former, but i intend to use the latter, henceforth.

but, what of this OptimFROG?

Just curious. And, added the "preface"... whatever you wish... for contextual data: apparently it was a bit more "slow" to encode? i reckon, since i've not seen it offered; it's not jumped-at-me as a viable codec for use, for example, with XCFA, perhaps development is not current?

FTR: i noticed this today, while performing a much needed updating of plug-ins; components for un4seen's XmPlay. came across the OptimFROG lib, for xmplay, and hence this curiousity.

thanks for your attention / feedback / news / gospel / what ever you wish.
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OptimFROG - what's the latest?
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WavPack 5.1.0 -b384hx6cmv / qaac 2.64 -V 100

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OptimFROG - what's the latest?
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2011-02-12: OptimFROG is back!

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