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FastEnc Command Line
Hi all,
I was wondering if you experts at HA could help me.  Ok, here's the scoop, I have the fastenc command line, version 1.02.  Now I know this version of the encoder suffers from the stereo collapse bug in fast mode.  But doesn't it produce good results in the medium and high quality? 

Now here is my other question.  I am using EasyMP3 1.1 which uses the fastenc codec.  It has the fastenc codec for fast setting and the alternative codec for medium and high quality, just like the command line v 1.02 fastenc encoder.  However the easymp3 encoder (according to produces artifacts in the medium and high quality at high frequencies.  I am pretty sure that the fastenc command line 1.02 fixed this bug (version 1.01 is the same version that is found in easymp3, fast setting is great, medium and high quality have that high frequency problem).  So my question is, if I am a registered user of EasyMP3, I am licensed to use the fastenc encoder from Fraunhofer right? And if I am, can I use the command line version when I want to encode in medium or high quality mode? and then stick to Easymp3 for fast mode?  I want the best of both worlds.  The good fastenc low quality found in easymp3, and the good quality found in medium and high quality in the fastenc 1.02 commandline encoder instead of the broken medium and high quality found in EasyMP3.  My question is does anyone know if this is legal? I assume is it?  Let me konw.  Thanks.

FastEnc Command Line
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I noticed no one has replyed to my I hope no one minds if I ask again, does anyone know the answer to my question?

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FastEnc Command Line
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You should ask that question to FhG or EasyMP3 developer...
Those encoders are quite old , I'd use LAME 3.90.3 or the FhG encoder bundled with Cool Edit Pro 2.1

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FastEnc Command Line
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FastEnc in MUSICMATCH 7.5

fast and medium are the same , producing 100% similar mp3 files.............

medium is a waste of time 

high is different from fast, uses a little more L/R than M/S

LAME is good!  more short blocks and less M/S, this means less pre-echo + better stereo, am i right??????

FhG $$$$$$$$$

LAME free + better quality
Why don't use LAME