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AACenc 2.1 crashes on Wave (reproducible)

Great work, Ivan, btw.

I have a song that seems to crash AACenc 2.1 at the same point no matter how many times I run it.  I am using "Psytel AAC encoder Ver. 2.1 - 2002-01-17 - 537Kb (Complete Package)" from Rjamorim's site.  I am using VBR Extreme.  The song is a track 11 from the 8Stops7 CD "In Moderation".  It has the song, then quite a long silence, and then a secret track.  I am using Windows XP.  It seems to occur at or soon after the song hits the dead silence between the two.  It was ripped error free with EAC in secure mode and compresses fine with Lame 3.91.  I can send out a lossless, packed version if need be.


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AACenc 2.1 crashes on Wave (reproducible)
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Please send it to my e-mail (, if it is not bigger than 5 MB.