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  • Zlandy
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Spectrogram Customization
Good day!

I was wondering if it is possible to flip the spectrogram horizontally so that it progresses from left to right? What I'd like to do is have to two spectrograms next to each other, each playing in a different direction. The result would be something like this:

I constructed this image in Photoshop by flipping a screencap horizontally. Using a spectrogram in this manner would be purely for aesthetic value.

I'm no good at coding, so I have no idea how one would do this, but I assume it is not terribly difficult. A secondary concern would then be allowing two spectrograms to show at the same time, which I don't think can be done in the current version of Foobar2000.

I understand that this would not of the highest priority, so if there is another program that can do this that you can suggest, or another forum that you can direct me to, this would be of great help! Alternatively, if anyone could explain how to one would begin coding this I could ask some programmers that I know to take a look.


  • Zlandy
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Spectrogram Customization
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I posted in the wrong forum, can a mod please move to Support please :).
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  • shakey_snake
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Spectrogram Customization
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This is the correct forum for feature requests. No changing the direction is not currently possible.
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Spectrogram Customization
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Yep, this isn’t anything for Support; please read the rules of that subforum. As to how one would begin to program components for foobar2000:
Official software development kit download and info
foosion’s resources for foobar2000 component developers
If you wish to take this thread in that direction, please request that it be moved to 3rd Party Plugins Development.
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  • Chesteta
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Spectrogram Customization
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A symmetry element for the spectrogram plugin would be nice (aesthetically)

  • Zlandy
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Spectrogram Customization
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Thank you so much for the information. The SDK and coding are way over my head, is it possible to move the thread to 3rd party plugins then? Is it acceptable to make requests in that sub-forum?

The coders I have spoken to say that if you one had the original spectrogram source code it could be fairly easy to code, but from what I understand this is not included in the SDK. Basically, you would have to code a spectrogram from scratch, and then from there create a symmetry function. Am I understanding the situation correctly?

I would appreciate any info on this. :)