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Topic: I think fb2k looks too basic by default and is hard to skin/style (Read 10567 times) previous topic - next topic

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I think fb2k looks too basic by default and is hard to skin/style
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Having some spare time lately, and besides the bashing reading also some good arguments in this thread I spend some time and effort experimenting with FooBar and all kinds of plug-ins. (a lot of time, effort and some cursing to be honest)
It's now clear to me that if you have the time and persistence, you can make FooBar into your personal almost perfect audio player. Options like splitters, tabs and presets are really great once you get the hang of it.
Great to hear! My rule-of-thumb is that if you're willing/able to spend some time to sign up and post comments to a piece of software's message board (which is only a small subset of total users), you're probably committed enough to spend enough time to teach yourself how to make fb2k "worth it" to you.

Still I am convinced FooBar could be a lot more popular and easy to use if there was at least a small choice of installers with plug-ins and themes included, targeted to some different kind of users.
"Installlers" should be unnecessary, as anyone with some knowledge and will power could very well write their own UI module for the program. The "problem" isn't that you can't skin fb2k, it's a lack of knowledgeable skinning community members.  If you consider that fb2k is in many ways intended as community software for hydrogenaudio-like functional interests, you can see why this might be the case.

It would also help if there was a solid and easy option to make a backup of all personalisations, plug-ins and tweaks.
It is (at least for me) quite a struggle to figure out which files and folders to back-up, and later on paste or replace.
Navigating the profile folder isn't harder than other software--this is probably more of a design problem with the components you are using. If you want automatic backups, try foo_jesus
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I think fb2k looks too basic by default and is hard to skin/style
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i love the way foobar looks, saying that .. would also love foobar to suport a skinning feature. (my main "complain(?)" its even not directlly at foobar, it that horrible aero thing of vista and win7 , and can be "resolved" using visual styles, ..still...bla, bla..
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