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Standalone EQ program
I've been searching for a standalone graphic equalizer program. I have a bunch of live show recordings in WAV that I'd like to enhance a bit and I can't seem to find a program where i can open up the file, play it, mess with the EQ and then re-save the file.  Any ideas? I'm on a windows 7 computer. Thanks.

  • Juha
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Standalone EQ program
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Use either audio editing or DAW software for that.

You'll find suitable EQ plug-in and editing/DAW software through KVR's database.


  • markanini
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Standalone EQ program
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I'm with Juha. The VST route has lots of great plugins to offer, such as EasyQ which has mid-sid capability for free. Also don't be afraid of trying a multi-band compressor/expander for the material you're considering. Here another good VST resource: Mate your plugins with a free host such as Reaper or Kristal and you're all set.
A point of importance is having accurate monitoring but that's going beyond the scope of the subject a bit. Let us know if you need advice on that one.
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Standalone EQ program
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There are lots of free VST EQs and a few free VST hosts (audio programs).

For a simple setup, I'd recommend Wavosaur with ReaPlugs.