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Intensity stereo coding
Hai experts,

          I'm a bit confused regarding the implementation of Intensity Stereo Coding in AAC-LC. The specification tells that IS should be applied to sfb's greater than 6KHz.
My doubt is whether we have to perform IS for all sfb's greater than this 6Khz or is there any condition to be satisfied to apply IS to sfb's? I have some ISO reference streams encoded with IS which had done IS starting from the first sfb(I don't know how the criteria of >6KHz is met in this case).
        Also how to decide whether the codebook used to signal the use of IS is INTENSITY_HCB or INTENSITY_HCB2?

Please reply to my queries.


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Intensity stereo coding
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Hi Steve,
            I have read in the spec that INTENSITY_HCB and INTENSITY_HCB2 signals in-phase and out-of phase respectively.. Hope it helps