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Adding three panes that list artists, albums, songs
So I'm new to foobar. I transitioned to foobar from Zune because despite having an easy to use layout, zune is aggravatingly slow and cumbersome. What I would like to do with foobar however is recreate the Zune layout in part where in there are three panels, the first shows all the artist in your library, second shows albums and third shows songs. When you move the focus to an artist in the artist pane, the albums pane shows only that artist's albums rather than the whole list, and the same for the songs pane. Likewise, when you click on an album only the songs from that album show up in the songs panel. In order to achieve this in foobar I've been experimenting with Columns UI and various other components that I've downloaded. However I haven't had much luck and wondered if anyone either could provide some insight on this issue or at least point me in the direction of some good how-to resources for doing something other than just installing the software.


Adding three panes that list artists, albums, songs
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Instead of using the columns Interface you could probably use the default user interface and install facets 1.0. This is a library viewer which exactly fullfill your requests. But it isn't a playlist viewer. For that you could use SimPlaylists 1.0 (both from official components page). It will create a kind of MS Media Player 11-Feeling...

See here or here for screenshot of SimPlaylist. See here for Screenshot of Facets Media Library Viewer.

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Adding three panes that list artists, albums, songs
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If you want to play around with layout editing, create a scratchbox at View > Layout > Create scratchbox.

I also second Facets as a library viewer, though the default Album Lists' tree configrability is somewhat underappreciated.