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Topic: [1.1.7/1.1.8b6] foobar2000 can't recognize certain ID3 tags (Read 3945 times) previous topic - next topic
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[1.1.7/1.1.8b6] foobar2000 can't recognize certain ID3 tags

I found what appears to be a bug in foobar2000's tag reader, present in both 1.1.7 and 1.1.8b6.

The files were generated on an older version of iTunes (iTunes 9), and both iTunes and VLC claim the tags are fine. However, foobar2000 simply won't read them, with the following error:

Code: [Select]
[21:13:33] could not enumerate tracks (Unsupported format or corrupted file) on:
E:\Music\...\10 KARMA.mp3

This happens on every file from the same album, but only on that album.

Here are the first 4KB of the file in hex (containing the offending tag and the first frame of audio): (...)

I have dozens of other albums with iTunes 2.3.0 tags; I used to use iTunes since version 7, and when I switched to foobar2000 I started retagging all my files in iTunes using 2.3.0 to avoid incompatibilities with earlier versions of foobar2000. None of these other albums have given me this problem. The problem files have no other tags (no ID3v1 or APEv2).

OS information: Windows 7 SP1 (English), 4GB RAM.

I will provide any other pertinent information which can be used to debug the issue.

EDIT: apologies for stretching the page. I tried to put the code in spoiler blocks, but no spoiler box appeared in the post.

[1.1.7/1.1.8b6] foobar2000 can't recognize certain ID3 tags

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Can anyone reproduce this issue? Try adding the MP3 file attached here to a foobar2000 playlist...

[1.1.7/1.1.8b6] foobar2000 can't recognize certain ID3 tags

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There's a problem with the ID3v2 tag. Use iTunes to convert the tags first to v2.2 and then to v2.3

[1.1.7/1.1.8b6] foobar2000 can't recognize certain ID3 tags

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The bug here is that foobar2000 won't even let me load the file at all, making it impossible to repair or rewrite the tag from within foobar2000. Is that intentional? It used to be that corrupt tags would simply cause fb2k to read an empty tag which could then be forcibly overwritten with new data.

Also, the tags work in basically every other player, so it's quite strange to see foobar choking on them. Do you know perhaps what the problem is? It's present on every file in this album, and only this album.

[1.1.7/1.1.8b6] foobar2000 can't recognize certain ID3 tags

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foobar2000 1.1.7: loads the file but doesn't show its tags.

[1.1.7/1.1.8b6] foobar2000 can't recognize certain ID3 tags

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No need to change the tags with iTunes. The files will work in the next version.

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