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I can see that you have changed the rendering of the text! It's better to my taste now.  (edit: or maybe you haven't) This fade in/out animation with lrc when progressing to a next line is also very nice.

Keep up the good work!


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I upgraded Lyric Show Panel to version Now It can't save lyrics to HDD
after that when I double click on lyric panel, it show edit panel, i paste lyric on it and it automatically save it on HDD, now it's unable to this so.

I wonder this is bug or problem is from my side?


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Try the latest beta, eg. see post #975.


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Yes the fading effect in the latest beta is very nice!

I will also support the addition of customisable lyrics shadow colour suggested by emte.


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Many thanks to those who have provided feedback, it is much appreciated.

I've just uploaded 0.3.6 beta 5 to the google code page:

- Fixed bug where the display doesn't update when the track is seeked.
- Fixed a rare bug where the fallback text would display info for the wrong track
- Added the ability to search for lyric files using specific filename. Configurable in the local file search properties (uses titleformatting)
- Other minor bug fixes/improvements


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Many thanks, vern


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@The vern

Thank you very much for developing and maintaining this indispensable component. It's much appreciated! A few comments:

Minor bug (0.3.6 beta 5 and earlier 0.3.6 betas)
When using "Save to user defined directory" with this pattern:

Code: [Select]
[%artist% - ][%title%]

and the artist name ends with a period (as in X.Y.Z.) the artist + album folders are created, but no lyrics files are saved. (When "saving to directory same as file" - and with the exact same artist\album structure already in place - everything is working fine, but I do prefer to keep the lyrics in their own folders). I remember having had an earlier version that didn't have this issue, it was a beta IIRC, but I don't remember the version (0.3.5.?), and I can't find it anymore (foolish of me to delete older stuff).
Apart from that beta 5 seems 100 % stable  .

Feature requests
1. Semi-automatic handling of instrumental tracks. I know, I know, it may seem stupid to ask for such a feature, but with the lyrics panel as a permanent and important part of the fb2k layout it's a bit boring to sit and wait for the fallback text to pop up in the panel after yet a fruitless net search - because the track is instrumental.
My proposal: An extra tab in the Lyrics show Settings window, where the user could define a few lines would do the trick. For example:

Code: [Select]
[00:00.00]Artist: %artist%
[00:05.00]Album: %album%
[00:10.00]Title: %title%

And in the Lyric editor window implement an extra button, e.g. named Instrumental. When invoking the editor with a keyboard shortcut and pushing the button, this would save a .lrc file and show this in the Lyrics Panel:

Code: [Select]
Artist: Herbie Hancock
Album: Mwandishi
Title: Ostinato (Suite for Angela)

I'm doing this manually now (creating .lrc files for instrumentals), but with more than 5,000 instrumental tracks... well, it takes an awful lot of time.

2. The Lyric Search window is resizable, that's really nice. But it would be even more nice if both the window position and the size was remembered from session to session. I don't however know if this is possible at all (maybe it depends on the fb2k SDK having implemented this, or what do I know?).

In my humble opinion implementing 1. would make this component go from ★★★★½ to ★★★★★! I sincerely hope that you don't find the request beyond the scope of Lyrics Show Panel 3.

Best regards


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With regard to handling instrumental tracks, I think you can achieve what you want already.

If you set the search parameter for the artist to: $if($stricmp(%genre%,instrumental),,[%artist%]) then no searching will take place if the genre is instrumental. Thus the fallback text displays immediately. This happens since the plug-in requires an artist name for searching to take place.

Similarly, to indicate a track is instrumental you can add something like $if($stricmp(%genre%,instrumental),Instrumental,) to the fallback text.



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- Added the ability to search for lyric files using specific filename. Configurable in the local file search properties (uses titleformatting)

Many thanks, I was waiting for this feature 


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Wow, thank you so much for your elegant solution. This is a lifelike portrait of me when I read your posting a couple of hours ago:  – I feel imbecile (sigh.mp3). The FR 1 mentioned above would give a prettier and more dynamic look in the panel, thanks to the beautiful rendering of .lrc files, but that's another story (I still think it would be a nice feature in the component, leaving the audio files unaltered).
I do however have some trouble: I can't get the $if construction to work properly, when there's two values in the genre field: Jazz;Instrumental (or Instrumental;Jazz). I've tried with different separators, no luck. - And I don't want to drop the primary genre value. The %genre% tag is per se a multivalue field.  Any hints? What am I doing wrong?
Well, instead I've defined a new tag, Subgenre, and accordingly:

Code: [Select]

Fallback text:
Code: [Select]
Title: $if($stricmp(%subgenre%,Instrumental), %title% '('Instrumental')',%title%)

This is working as hoped  . After having DLed and installed the TagBox component (never used it before, but it looks pretty strong) it seems much easier/faster to insert a new tag with a predefined value. If I was able to find out how to assign a keyboard shortcut to the create-new-tag-insert-value job it would be pure joy...
A question popped up in my mind related to the minor bug mentioned in #982: $replace(%artist%,'.','_') replaces any/all period(s) with underscore(s). What shall I write, if I'm only interested in replacing the last period in the string?


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I think the following will deal with multivalue tags $if($strstr(%genre%,Instrumental),,[%artist%]) [its case sensitive]. You can also replace the last period in the string by titleformatting, but I will leave you to look up exactly how.



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Yes! That string works perfect, too. Thanks a lot, WilB.
I can assure you that I've read the Title Formatting pages more than once, but they're a bit too succinct for my taste (at the moment at least) - nearly on par with some of Wittgenstein's stuff. Over the time - and again today - I've made a lot of searches in these forums, but in this particular case (trailing period) I haven't been able to find any of the useful info, that without doubt is somewhere.
This evening I even managed to compose a string that created a folder with the name of the error message: [INVALID $IF SYNTAX], - and in that ugly folder was a .lrc file!! Neither Lyrics3 nor fb2k crashed, but I think I heard a burp from the internal pc speaker  . Nevermind, I'll stick to $replace(%artist%,'.','_') for now. Not a winner of any beauty contest, but it does the job.


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I think the below strips the trailing period from the artist name - may be it can be done with better/shorter code.

Code: [Select]



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Mine's shorter  , but that's about all I can say. It should work though.

Code: [Select]


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1. May I suggest replacing latest "release" version with "beta", the one that actually saves lyrics. Judging by post about it it's a rather common issue. And more serious than anything "beta" version does or does not. I would imagine most people don't visit this thread and get their components from

2. It's a bit off topic here but:
Is there a simple way to upload .lrc  lyrics? I made bunch of them thanks to excellent editor included in the plugin. The problem is databases are either not user friendly when it comes to uploading or have some cryptic names. Timestamped 3 seems to be the best one, most successful searches, so how do I upload lyrics there (with offset correction)?


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Problem solved. Thank you so much, I owe you both a fat cigar; eh... two cigars to WilB, your Instrumental stuff is of course implemented too. As a sort of Solomonic decision I use the former string for the artist part and the latter for the album part (as the lyrics saving problem is here as well). It gives a Lyrics saving string consisting of at least 180 chars (!), no reason for reproducing it here.
(For the records: I was totally focused on $replace(...). Came not even close, no cigar for me.)



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I use this nice component now any time and I have small problems too search and saving the lyrics.
My lyrics are stored in an own folderstructer like <Drivename:\<Path>\<Artist>\[\<Album>]<lyricfile>.

Now I have follwing requirements for searching:
  1. Search lrc on ./%Album%/%Artist% - %Title%
  2. Search lrc: on ./%Artist% - %Title%
  3. Search txt: ./%Artist% - %Title%

The automated saving should be addicted to the type of the founded lyric,
  if synchronized: ./%Album%/%Artist% - %Title%.lrc
  non synchronized: %Artist% - %Title%.txt

I have searched the forum, but I have no solution found for this. Have anyone suggestion to realize this?

An idea for searching is the possibility. to add the "Local File Search" 3 times with different configurations

For saving, it is necessary to know the type of the loaded lyric. A placeholder for this exist? Then I think, it is possible to handle this with filename formating!?



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I am working on some other things in the plugin at the moment, I will put the release version out when these are finished/tested.
You cannot upload lyrics through this plugin (although I did consider it in the past).

To get the plugin to find your lyrics you only have to specify the folder which contains all of your lyric files - then just make sure you check 'Search sub directories' in the lyric file search properties. So for example you could set your custom search directory to: <Drivename:\<Path>\<Artist>\.
The plugin doesn't really allow you to save synced or unsynced lyrics in different places or with different filenames - but you may be able to get it to work using the %lyric_issynced% titleformatting value (although I don't reccommend this as it only applies to the playing track)

Hope this helps


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@The vern
The recommended configuration is currently active on my system. But this configuration find the exist lyrics in an uncontrolled order.
I think a possible solution for me is to join the %Album% with the %Title% in the search and saving options. For synchronized lyrics this schould be okay, but for non synchronized lyrics this produce any duplicates and make the maintance unnecessary extensive.
%lyric_issynced% where the solution for writing, if it filled also for new lyrics. It is possible?

Also fine where a optional statusbar for displaying, is the lyric synchronized and is it new.

I have any other suggestion. Exist a special site/ topic for this?

Best regards


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@The vern
today I have testet my lyric-handling with the latest beta5. The new option "Custom file format" in the "Local File search" properties is a solution for my main problem too detect a uniq lyric-file for a album.
I have testet with following parameters:

File search properties >>  Custom filename format
Code: [Select]
$if(%artist%,%artist% - )$if(%album%,'['$if2(%album%,%album%)'] ')$if2(%title%,%title%)

Search parameters
Code: [Select]
Artist: $if($stricmp(%subgenre%,instrumental),,[%artist%])Title: $if2(%title%,%title%)

Lyric Saving

Save Method: "Save to user defined directory"

Filename format
Code: [Select]
$if(%artist%,%artist% - )$if(%title%,$if(%album%,'['$if2(%album%,%album%)'] ')$if2(%title%,%title%))

for information, if anyone has interest

What wait for a solution on writing the lyricfile, is to know, if the new lyric is synchronized or not ;-)

I see, with each small new revision, the plugin comes better and better


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Invalid http streaming play in foobar 2000 to crush (Not Responding) on use foo_uie_lyrics3  panel enabled.

Prease fix please.


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I hope someone can help me. I've been slowly getting the hang of lyrics and using them and editing one or two.

It all went fairly fine until yesterday when, for some reason I can not fathom, inserting new lyrics broke the whole set up.

Now synced lyrics simply show the [sync text] ahead of the words and it no longer appears to work at all as far as being synced goes.

One thing I had cause to look for was the correct codpage setting to use for option in the menu, I was looking for that in case it made some difference to how it all works. I don't appear to know where the right place is to look for the definitive answer to this aspect of it?

I updated foobar200 to latest stable (16) to see if this could help, and I also checked for updates for all components, but alas it seems I am now doomed.

It's like it no longer recognises tags as tags.

Any one got any idea what else I can try please? I really do miss my synced lyrics.

Oh PS - it may be relevant; Older files that already have lrc files seem to play right but not new ones I may create.

I'm using Win7 on a 64bit quad core wintel box.


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One thing comes to mind: if you are saving lyrics as files ensure the files have the correct .lrc extension and that the extension is not .txt (e.g. check using about current lyrics... to ensure you are looking at the correct ones) or if saving to tag ensure the edited ones are in the synced tag. Alternatively, the time formatting may be incorrect.



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One thing comes to mind: if you are saving lyrics as files ensure the files have the correct .lrc extension and that the extension is not .txt (e.g. check using about current lyrics... to ensure you are looking at the correct ones). Alternatively, the time formatting may be incorrect.


I have been saving them from the panel, using the "auto save on apply or ok" option (having it ticked)

I was concerned that the code page needs to be set right so the utility can see the markers that it is laying down correctly and then act on them as it should, but which it does not now do. All the lyrics are highlighted as if they were the current line. I'm guessing from that alone that it does not truly see the file as being synced for some odd reason. <shrug>

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