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Download here:

Current version: 0.5

Lyric source SDK (SDK to build your own lyric sources): This only works with versions of the plugin after 0.3.6 beta 4.

Changes up to 0.4:
- Fixed a bug where the fade height wouldn't update properly when changed in the settings dialogue
- Made the batch search dialogue modeless
- Fixed the message in the batch search where it would say a lyric was found but not saved (it was because a lyric already existed)
- Fixed an issue where the batch search could potentially overwrite existing lyrics
- Removed "Send lyrics to cell" and stopped empty lyrics from the google search
- Fixed lyrics with &# in the google search (I assumed this is where they were coming from)
- Changed the SSE settings - it should now work properly on XP
- Changes such that the new 1.3 update shouldn't affect tag loading (I might have included this in the previous release, I can't remember)
- A new version of the SDK will be released shortly
- Added a batch lyric downloader - available by right clicking on a selection of items in the playlist and clicking "Download lyrics..."
- Added a google search - This does a google search for lyrics and will attempt to download the lyrics from sites automatically. If it is unable to download the lyrics it will pop up a window asking you to select the lyrics from a webpage's text. It will try and remember the selection you made so future searches of that website can be automated (however it's not particularly intelligent so it probably won't work most of the time). The popup selection dialogue will only be displayed when the lyrics are loaded from the lyric search dialogue (so as not to interrupt normal playback).
- Added a cancel search button to the lyric search box.
- Fixed the repaint issues on seeking tracks
- Made several changes to how the plugin's display is updated
- Instant lyric scrolling by putting the scroll speed slider to its highest value (far right)
- Titleformatting for the background image path
- Fixed Dark lyrics issues with different capitalisations
- Made a large number of changes to the config system in an attempt to make it more stable
- Other stability improvements
- Fixed custom save directory problems.
- Fixed bug with small window sizes producing black window.
- Possible fix to the deadlock described by revenant.
- Some other small fixes.
- Fixed issue with illegal file characters in the custom save directory.
- Control + Enter synchronises lyric lines in editor.
- Some changes to the associations - they now use the same fallback fields as titleformatting (previously none). They now require both artist and title information as a minimum in order to save an association (this solves problems with inadequate tag information).
 - Fixed the issue with loading lyrics where both the artist and title were the same.
- Multiple crash fixes.
- Crash fix when searching the associations.
- Fixed pure virtual function call when closing fb2k having removed the panel from the layout.
- Returned the behaviour regarding the associations back to how it was, i.e. it will always try to find a synced lyric. (I will do something more to rectify this, but later).
- Fixed the "wrong ext" popup (please confirm).
- Other crash fixes.
- Added a tool to batch associate lyrics with a customised filename (most users don't need to use this, only those whose lyrics are saved with a filename that is not automatically recognised). Available via the associations search properties.
- Lyrics found from either the tags or the associations will be displayed first - regardless of their type (synced or not).
- Multiple crash fixes with streams.
- Fixed spelling of excellent.
- Fixed right click saving.
- (plus some other minor fixes)
- Fixes crash with choose lyric

Code: [Select]
[b][u]Change in 0.3:[/b][/u]
- Partially rewritten lyric searching, next lyric now works properly, and it should be much more stable. Searching the internet and using the search dialogue should also be faster.
- Added a new database: Timestamped 3.
- The lyrics search is now only active if a panel exists in the layout.
- Lyrics editor auto save option is maintained on restart.
- The custom save directory is used in the local file search if it's not already specified in the custom search path.
- Pressing enter in the lyrics search dialogue searchs/loads lyrics depending on which control has focus.
- Local file search only requires title if loading from the song directory.
- Adjust offset no longer displays as -1.
- In the lyric editor, pressing enter synchronises the lyrics (the edit box mustn't have focus) - This is now redundant, use Control + Enter
- The context menu no longer uses shift.
- The fallback text now has the following titleformatting: %search_state% and %search_progress%.
- The last line of synchronised lyrics is now highlighted.
- Fixed an issue where tracks beginning with 'Unknown' would not find a lyric.
- wiki searches no longer swap the '&'.
- Double clicking on the panel opens the editor.
- Editor dialogue is non-modal now.
- Some changes to the layouts of the preferences/settings pages.
- Fixed a problem where using the 'Set font colour' at the start of a line would erase all the line breaks.
- Completely new associations. They are now based on the metadata (rather than filenames) and update when the metadata is changed. This enabled automatically to allow faster searching.
- Added 'Choose lyric' option in the context menu.
- More robustness in checking whether a lyric exists before saving one.
- It can now load lyrics with a ';' in the filename or path.
- An SDK for writing your own lyrics sources will be released shortly.

[b][u]Changes in 0.2.3[/u][/b]
- Fixed results.
- Added database.
- Fixed sort order of lyric results (it now matches your preferences).
- Fixed garbage from the end of Minilyrics lyrics.
- Fixed maintaining new lines in fallback text when converting from the old text formatting.
- Multiple crash fixes.

[b][u]Changes in 0.2.2:[/u][/b]
- Fixed refresh on playback stop.
- Commenting out in the fallback text now works.
- Changed the naming of some of the menu entries.
- Fixed problem with the message 'Load failed'.
- Fixed the resizing of the lyric search dialogue.
- Fixed a problem where the custom colours wouldn't update if a synced lyric was displayed.
- Fixed the issue with the preference page window being the wrong size (e.g. when using large fonts) - please confirm this is fixed.
- Crash fixes.

[b][u]Changes in 0.2.1:[/u][/b]
- Solved background issue (where artwork was not displayed after track change etc).
- Now supports timestamps with .xxx as well as .xx.
- Improved fading the highline colour at low scrolling speeds.
- Fixed the global variables getting stuck.
- Fixed the editor - it doesn't drop text any more.
- Added a lyric synchroniser.
- Added the ability to open a browser to a predefined webpage (which you can define) - in the lyric search dialogue.
- Fixed saving with radiostreams.
- Behind the scenes changes to the lyrics searching (your lyrics search order will be reset).
- Sorted the availability of the 'Associate lyrics' options. Also added 'Associate current lyrics' which link the playing track and the currently displayed lyric.
- Added two new timestamped databases.
- Added a Minilyrics output plugin. Please note: Minilyrics must be installed and activated for foobar2000 for this to work.
To install the plugin, go to the Minilyrics search properties (in preferences) and click 'Download and install'.
If you want to remove the taskbar entry of Minilyrics you can do so in the advanced section of Minilyrics' preferences.
I would also recommend setting Minilyrics to only download synchronised lyrics, as Minilyrics will guess the timestamps for unsynchronised lyrics (which I find annoying).
- Fixed the line spacing of the wiki lyrics database.
- Fixed removing of links and other garbage from wiki lyrics.
- It will now sort lyrics according to your search order more robustly.
- Fixed a repaint issue where it took a while to update the currently displaying lyric.
- A potential crash fix.

[b][u]Changes in 0.2:[/u][/b]
- Fading of highlight colour while the lyric is scrolling.
- Improved accent support.
- Added lyric editor to more neatly support editing/reloading lyrics.
- Improved fallback text and simplified GUI.
- Crash fix with long file names.
- Uses the new version of album art extractor.
- Other crash fixes.
- Sorted blurring of lyrics when no album art found.
- Simplified context menu and foobar 'View' menu (extra options available by pressing shift).
- Improved settings page GUI (hopefully easier to understand).
- Lyric rating is now saved in the lyric file (which was why the rating was not retained on replaying a track).
- It will try harder to display a lyric of the type desired. This only affects the 'prefer synced' and 'prefer unsynced' options.
- Retains the blend with background setting on restart.
- Sorted custom lyric search path (in file search) - it used the save path instead.
- Removed Internet search tab in preferences - those settings are now in the properties dialogue of any online source.
- Stopped error messages popping up if an error occurs with saving to the tag.
- Fixed loading/saving file names with illegal file name characters.
- 3 More online databases.
- Allow changing of background colour when 'image' is selected without have to change background mode.
- Load fallback text when CUI layout changed.
- Retaining codepage.
- Fixed searching sub-directories for the local file search.
- Stopped black screen when editing layout with playback stopped.
- Re-added global variables (%lyric_exists%, %lyric_issynced%, %lyric_currentline%)
- More robust detection of synced or non-synced.
- Saving of offset (by scrolling etc).
- Bugs with ' and $ in artist name would mess up the file search.
- Now support for [hh:mm:ss.xx] ('.xx' doesn't have to present either).
- Fixed availability of 'copy lyrics'

[b][u]Changes in 0.1.4[/u][/b]
- Crash fixes on track change.
- Reinstated saving of the timestamp offset.
- Fixed flickering whilst scrolling lyrics in transparent mode.
- Grayed out 'Save' context menu item when save method is 'Don't save'.

[b][u]Changes in 0.1.3[/u][/b]
- Crash fixes
- Added escape to exit online search.
- Added double clicking to load lyrics from online search

[b][u]Changes in 0.1.2[/u][/b]
- Fixed the preferences page retaining the custom save directory.
- Sorted version naming.
- Should have sorted the delays on track change.
- Stopped it spewing stuff out to the console.

[b][u]Change log from original foo_uie_lyrics2[/u][/b]
- Completely rewritten lyric searching, you can now customise search order or exclude/include sources as you wish. It only does one global lyric search now (not one per panel instance).
- Changed a lot of the GUI to make it more user friendly.
- Moved most of the options from the settings page into a preferences page.
- Added smooth step scrolling (customisable speed).
- Solved the transparency bug when the panel is resized.
- You can choose which type of lyric you want to display (only synced, prefer synced, only unsynced, prefer unsynced, no preference).
- Added CUI colours and fonts support.
- You can now have a different font for the fallback text.
- Added database.
- Removed databases which weren't working any more.
- The online search dialogue now updates itself on track change.
- Gradient fill background (you choose the colour of the corners of the panel)
- Simplified the context menu.
- Changed the file search to remove the fuzzyness (your lyrics must have the artist and track name  in the filename for it to be found).
- Fixed a few potential crashes.
- Fixed an error in the default settings where the write-to and read-from unsynced lyric tags didn't match.
- Plus lots of other minor things.

Please note: there have been a lot of changes - so there may be bugs I haven't spotted yet!


Reply #1
Is this based on the old foo_uie_lyrics2 ? If so, Good to see this going on - It's the best lyrics component i know of.

If not, Thanks for stepping up with a new one! Hopefully we see more regular improvements

I'll repot any bug i find.


Reply #2
Great! Already implemented! 
Thank You!


Reply #3
Yes it is based on the old foo_uie_lyrics2 (it's in the topic description).


Reply #4
Ah, That it is. missed it. Either way, Nice to see it get updated

You should consider putting this on the component repository, by the way.


Reply #5
I most likely will, but I want to be sure it's stable before that


Reply #6
foobar 1.1.8 b4

Preferences>Lyrics Saving>Save Settings>Custom Directory

Although the setting of a custom directory is working, the edit box is empty once you hit the OK button and then return to the components preferences. Might cause user [me] to think that a directory to save lyrics to is not set and needlessly reset and reset...


Reply #7
Seem to have delays now when switching songs - I'm on the shuffle (tracks) mode, and when i switch song around there's a clear delay now that ive replaced lyrics2 with lyrics3.
Console shows things like:

Code: [Select]
foo_uie_lyrics2: source_db_lyrdb::Search: Connection Failed.
Timeout on host:
Timeout on host:
Timeout on host:
foo_uie_lyrics2: source_db_chartlryics::Search: Connection Failed.
Opening track for playback: "D:\Music\Israeli\היהודים\Unplugged (2004)\02. טיפה בים.mp3"
foo_uie_lyrics2: source_db_lyrdb::Search: Connection Failed.
Timeout on host:
Timeout on host:
Timeout on host:
foo_uie_lyrics2: source_db_chartlryics::Search: Connection Failed.
Lyric search returned no results.

I find the lyrics2 prints odd, since ive definitely removed the old DLL.


Reply #8

Good spot!

New version uploaded - should fix

@Ran Sagy:

For the console thing, I've just forgotten to change some of the names somewhere.

Does the delay happen while the lyric search is underway (i.e. no lyrics have yet been displayed, just the fallback text)?


Reply #9
Assuming i correctly updated, Still have the same issue (can't determine if its indeed the new DLL as the version number still shows as 0.5 everywhere).

EDIT: i reproduce this way -

1. Start playback of a song (should be no delays)
2. quickly switch to another song (delay)

My scenario is basically this - I use keyboard shortcuts to shuffle tracks until i reach a track i want to listen to.


Reply #10
Sorry for the confusion, you posted while I was in the middle of writing my post so I didn't see your query. The upload I just did was to fix the custom save directory text.


ahh ok it's due to thread synch - Will hopefully solve and get back to you (I'll also sort out the version info).


Reply #11
Ah, Understood. Let me know if you need more info.


Reply #12
Version 0.1.2 uploaded.

- Sorted version naming (let me know if I've missed one!).
- Should have sorted the delays on track change.
- Stopped it spewing stuff out to the console.


Reply #13
Looks good to me, No delays, version seems OK.
Thanks for the good work and quick response


Reply #14
My pleasure 

It would be good if I could update my first post with the new version + changelog though. Mods....?


Reply #15
Wow great, I like !!!!

One thing.

If no lyrics found please make possible to close the window with "Esc"

Warning: fb2k is addictive.


Reply #16
Do you mean in the lyric search dialogue?


Reply #17
Thank you very much for your hard work !


Reply #18
Thank you very much for picking up this component!

Lyric Search dialog: I think double click should load selected lyrics.


Reply #19
many thanks for your work


Reply #20
This works very well so far - thanks very much!

If I may humbly offer a feature suggestion - I find that available lyrics are continually getting better and better, but I struggle to upgrade saved "bad" rated lyrics to "medium" or better.  Any way to automatically search for lyrics and download and overwite existing lyrics in cases where something with a higher rating is found?  thanks


Reply #21
Awesome work man. Great to have this good plugin back in form. 

Keep it up!


Reply #22
Version 0.1.2 uploaded.

Should be fixed:
- "Open with external editor" opens the foobar2000 Properties dialog, but not "notepad.exe".
- Lyric Search Dialog: close the window with "Esc" (as @zaede said).

Thank you very much for your work! I hope this component stops the horrible discussions about lyric components in hydrogenaudio.


Reply #23
I hope this component stops the horrible discussions about lyric components in hydrogenaudio.

I never had any major problems with version 2, but this version is preferable and seems to work substantially better. Nice work and thanks.


Reply #24
Nice update!
Trying and will report later if any bug found.