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Topic: Here is my way of storing keywords in the comment field. Any opinions? (Read 2357 times) previous topic - next topic
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Here is my way of storing keywords in the comment field. Any opinions?

I use %comment% section for tags, which is filled with junk most of the time.
Tags should be anything NOT similar to artists or titles etc.
This enables me to search and create any sort of playlist with advanced search in seconds,
and find particular song much easier.

example tags: 70s 80s easy dirty bass (any language) list goes on to creativity...

This is very hard to do if you have large collection of music. But thinking about tags for music is even harder.

What do you think? 

Here is my way of storing keywords in the comment field. Any opinions?

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sounds like you're talking about "genre" which is very commonly used already. you can make them up as anything you like. remember it's your collection so there is no right or wrong way of doing this. you can even use multiple values per track. some people will look at using websites such as discogs or musicbrainz to find genres for their music.

for some people this "genre" tag isn't enough and they make up their own custom tags such as "style". and that's the beauty of foobar2000, you can do pretty much anything you want.

Here is my way of storing keywords in the comment field. Any opinions?

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sounds like you're talking about "genre" which is very commonly used already.

I think he's using the word 'tag' in a different way from how people here normally do. There was a program- now defunct- called mp3rat that allowed the user to enter keywords or "tags" for songs. These tags were stored in a simple database. They were separate from id3 tags. More of a free-form rather than a structured thing. You would do an incremental search based on "tags", similar to foobar's filter.

The problem with that approach was that the keywords were not stored in the music file itself. That led to portability issues. The problem with storing keywords in the music file and no-where else, is that they become hard to manage. You really want to be able to add/edit/delete your keywords very quickly. That gets a bit difficult when they're stored linearly in an id3 field.

Personally, I like the general approach if someone finds a way of making it work. I'd like to enter keywords for a track without really worrying whether these words are a 'genre' or 'style' or tempo or whatever.

Not really a foobar issue though.

Here is my way of storing keywords in the comment field. Any opinions?

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The problem with storing a user defined word string in a user defined tag is the limitation of human memory; if you have a massive and varied music collection, and you decided to create non-standard "Name Tags" co-existing with the "Standard Tags" of thousands of music tracks and/or albums, then it becomes an impossible task remembering all the words...

that's why "Library Viewers" exist; our memory is jogged by seeing words displayed in a list.

I have noticed that people regularly come to "foobar2000 forum" looking for a solution to this "problem" of displaying multiple definitions and retrieving the same thing... me included.

This indicates to me, that foobar2000 needs a new "Library Viewer" developed for complex relational text presentation.

I can't program in C++ and even if I started to learn, it would take an eternity before anybody saw a "proof of concept"...

But I have a concept, and it goes something like this (I am using Columns UI, so I hope DUI users can see into this too)...

Combine features of the CUI Filter panel (a library viewer) and NG Playlist (the Playlist viewer) and create a new relational browser with integrated enhancements the two separate items don't have.

It is just one window , and it can do something the current "CUI Filter" can not do...

Get a set of tracks (an album) with these tags:
Code: [Select]
----- Standard  ------

<Artist>  Wilhelm Furtwangler, Berlin Philharmonic
<Album>  SCHUMANN: Symphony No.4 - HAYDN: Symphony No.8
<Date>  1952, 1953
<Genre>  Classical, Symphony

----- Non-Standard (user created) ------

<COMPOSER1> Robert Schumann (composer)
<COMPOSER2> Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
<PERFORMER1> Wilhelm Furtwangler (conductor)
<PERFORMER2> Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
<PERFORMER3> Elisabeth Hongen (vocal, contralto)
<PERFORMER4> Hans Hopf (vocal, tenor)
<PERFORMER5> Otto Edelmann (vocal, bass)

and present them to you in a flat list like this
(sorry for poor color rendition, I use very dark grey-brown in my own fb2k filter panel)
1952, 1953
Classical, Symphony
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Elisabeth Hongen (vocal, contralto)
Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
Hans Hopf (vocal, tenor)
Otto Edelmann (vocal, bass)
Robert Schumann (composer)
SCHUMANN: Symphony No.4 - HAYDN: Symphony No.8
Wilhelm Furtwangler (conductor)
Wilhelm Furtwangler, Berlin Philharmonic


There are two scroll bars, one on the right side, and one on the bottom (for reading very long horizontal text... quickly)

A search bar pops up at the bottom when you type "CTRL+F" and it works with the "Filter window" as done in "Firefox" (internet browser).

The line of text accepts colors; each "Tag Type" is color coded by for instant identification (eg, Artist=white , Album Artist=light grey , Album=mauve , Composer=light blue , Performer=light green , Genre=orange , Date=brown)

"Tag Types" can be combined into one line and also displayed on separate lines (eg, "Artist - Album" (two tags on one line), and "Album - Performer3 Performer1" (three tags on one line), point to the same thing in your library but are displayed on two separate lines in the "Filter browser")...
like this:
SCHUMANN: Symphony No.4 - HAYDN: Symphony No.8      Elisabeth Hongen (vocal, contralto)      Wilhelm Furtwangler (conductor)
Wilhelm Furtwangler, Berlin Philharmonic      SCHUMANN: Symphony No.4 - HAYDN: Symphony No.8


Each line, when clicked, presents you the "complete album(s)" inside your "Playlist Viewer" (otherwise, just presents the "item"); This preference of "Album-VS-Item" presentation is user configurable.

That's enough from me for now...

I'm very keen to donate "funds" to a developer or developers who can try to create a "proof of concept" of such a Library Browser, is anybody else here willing to do the same?

Thanks for reading.

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