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fb2k -> Android phone tips?
I just got a Samsung S2 and can have music on the go again (broken iphone headphone jack for ~1 year). I've just copied a handful of songs onto the phone, and it seems to be working out okay, but it's kludgy.

Any help towards getting a combination of fb2k components/config and a good Android music player would be greatly appreciated.

Here's what I'd like:
  • Playlist syncing (foo_plorg) with no duplication of files that are in multiple playlists
  • Auto-fill available space on the phone based on foo_playcount stats, or last modified/added, etc.
  • A way to browse full albums on the phone, rather than the stock player's "albums" browse mode which lists albums for which I only have one track
  • Better control of playlists on the phone through fb2k
  • Syncing should add files and delete them from the phone

edit: I've got the phone rooted and am currently running VillainROM if that matters
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fb2k -> Android phone tips?
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  • Auto-fill available space on the phone based on foo_playcount stats, or last modified/added, etc.

if it helps, you can use one of my fav plugins foo_random_pools to create playlists based on titleformatting/foo_playcount criteria and limit them based on total size/tracks etc.  then you would have to use file operations to copy the files to phone.

probably not as elegant as your initial hopes, but it might get you something to start with.

an Android version of foobar2000 would be pretty awesome

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fb2k -> Android phone tips?
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Interesting plugin, I'll check it out!

I've been using the file ops method right now and it's a bit cumbersome, that's all. Maybe I'll have to dig into scripting/components/etc.

Yeahhh... maybe someday! Porting fb2k to a *nix environment would be a good start.

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fb2k -> Android phone tips?
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I was just researching about Android and Foobar and it seems there is not much enthusiasm about that combination.

I am too looking for some hints, regarding the above mentioned PLUS

sync RATING and STATISTICS to my foobar database...
and REPLAYGAIN support would be great. Poweramp seems to support RG but I'm not sure if it uses existing leveling...

Any recommendations or experiences?