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Tagging trouble with Case's Tag
I'm having trouble with the command-line syntax in Case's Tag.

I have this file named:

Mozart - Mozart - Complete Symphonies - 07 - Symphony No. 29.ape


Artist  : Mozart
Title    : Symphony No. 29
Album  : Mozart - Complete Symphonies  (pls note the "-" in the album name)
Track  : 07

I want to write apev1 tags to this file with values extracted from filenames, so I entered the following:

Code: [Select]
tag --test --auto --scheme "a - l - n - t" mozart*.ape

but Tag didn't read my album info correctly. The output:

Code: [Select]
Tag - Automatic Tag from filename      Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Case
Version 2.0.39b, Compiled 2003-04-11

Test mode activated, no changes to files will be made.

d:\temp\Mozart - Mozart - Complete Symphonies - 01 - Symphony No. 29.ape
Format:  Monkey's Audio 3.97
Details: 44100 Hz Stereo, 570 kbps, playtime 04:52
Tags:    APE v1.0, Generated from name
Title:   01 - Symphony No. 29
Artist:  Mozart
Album:   Mozart
Year:    1973
Track:   Complete Symphonies
Genre:   Classical

As you can see, it got the album, track & title fields all wrong! 

I know the "-" in the album name is causing all the havoc here, but short of changing it to another character, what else I can do to ensure Tag reads 'em properly? Thanks.

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Tagging trouble with Case's Tag
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You'll need to manually type tag values for this file, current algorithm is too stupid to use only numeric values as track number. This will be fixed upon program rewrite but until then automatic detection can't be used.

Tagging trouble with Case's Tag
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OK then, no sweat.