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Duplicating MP3's on 2 systems

I have 2 PC's, both with a large amount of mp3s. I would like to have the same MP3 collection of both PC's.

Most of the MP3's already exist on both systems and I would also like to be able to run a check now and again to make sure they are up to date, so I thought a possible way would be to use MD5 checksums or similar to see which files already exist on both systems and which need to be copied. The problem is that this isn't going to work because of the ID3 tags, unless I strip them out somehow when calculating the checksum.

Does anybody have a suggestion?

The PC's do not have the same filesystem structure, so synchronising the file systems or taking a disk image of PC1 and installing it on PC2 is not an option.

Using the filenames is not possible because the naming structure is not the same for both systems and also there are cases where the same MP3 exists in several different forms (i.e different bitrate, identical filenames but one was ripped from an artist album the other from a mix CD, etc...)

I'll probably want to do this for MPC as well at some point, so a method which works regardless of the file type would be good.