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Ripping Burnt FLAC CDs?
I happen to have an album in flac format ( flac image + cue)  with their cue files. However i want them in flac with their respective tracks and cue files.

If i copy the flac files with cues to a CDR (using EAC) and then rip that same CD to flac (with correct offset) would it sacrifice any loss in quality?

To Simplfy:

I happen to have a CD of Cream .. Album name is Fresh Cream ; Polydor ; 827-576-2

A few years ago i ripped that CD to FLAC format using EAC with correct drive offset and drive offset (set it up using blowfish' guide) . However it was one single image with a Cue and log file.. It was accurately ripped

Now a few days ago , that Cd got destroyed and i want to have a physical CD copy .. I burnt it on a CDR with the correct drive offset. No errors and it was accurately ripped

i wanted to own a copy of the CD in flac format with separate tracks and cue , log (not in single image)

Now I don't own the original cd anymore and i burnt a CD copy from my single flac image + cue a few days back

My question is if i rip the ripped the copied CDR would i have any loss in quality? even though if it has no errors or accurately ripped

Long Story short .. Ripping from a CD-R  (with correct offset , accurately ripped with no errors) would it cause any quality loss?

hope my question was not too confusing~

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Ripping Burnt FLAC CDs?
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No loss of quality

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Ripping Burnt FLAC CDs?
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you don't need to burn to cd-r to split tracks, google cuetools
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Ripping Burnt FLAC CDs?
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Since the FLAC Image is already on his hard drive sitting next a matching CUE file...
can he not just drag the CUE sheet into a foobar2000 playlist window and highlight all and then right click "convert" (to separate FLAC tracks).
Job Done. No need to install "Microsoft .NET Framework version XXXX" just to use a tool !

(I don't have anything against CUETools, but I run a very lean Operating System with no .NET or JAVA etc, and I have a preference for native programs).

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Ripping Burnt FLAC CDs?
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Yes, he can, assuming he wants to split with gaps appended and discard HTOA(?).

One can use EAC as well, provided the flac is decompressed to wave first.
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