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  • CIbz
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AAC_ ELD Encoder
Hi All,

I am currently trying to make the AAC ELD encoder ISO code work. I could currently encode it in .raw and .fl4 format. I wish to produce the output in mp4 format which is supported by the codec. But while trying this i am getting some memory violation in the additional library"libisomedia". Also there is an option to convert the .fl4 format to mp4 format using and additional project named mp4 tools which comes with ISO package. But, unfortunately, fl4_to_mp4.c file is missing from this package and could not be built.

1. Can  any one tell me which libisomedia lib is without bug and from where it acn be obtained?
2. Does anyone know any  package to convert fl4 to mp4 format?
3. Also any option to get the document ISO/IEC 14496-3:2008/Amd.9. where AAC-ELD is well described?

My AAC_ELD decoder is working fine and if i could encode the streams in mp4 format i could have given this out put to the decoder.

If anyone working with AAC-ELD , encoder, can you please help me in resolving these issues..?

Thanks in advance

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AAC_ ELD Encoder
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    I think you will be needing a library which can encode the file with MP4 header like the MP4 parser library in the decoder...
    FAAC has got MP4 header library in it.. may be you can try using that..conversion from .fl4 to .mp4 will only be a temporary solution..

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AAC_ ELD Encoder
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libmp4v2 is a decent open-source MP4 parsing and creation library.  I'd perhaps recommend using it if the license is usable in your project.

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AAC_ ELD Encoder
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But libmp4v2 is a cpp project. Is any C project available for this library?
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