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  • Seraid
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Prefernces -> General (?)
i've downloaded a foobar skin and the description says i have to go to Preferences --> General.
But i don't have this menu item. I'm using foobar2000 1.1.7 without any modifications...

What have i to change to see "General" in the menu? I have also looked at screenshots from and their was General in the menu.
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  • Alexxander
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Prefernces -> General (?)
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There's no menu item called General nor a General section in Preferences menu.

  • tpijag
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Prefernces -> General (?)
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That is from version 9.6. Been many changes since. Instead of wasting time looking for a preference area TITLE, why not mention exactly which preference setting you need to change. Or use a skin that is not using an old version of foobar.

Or ask the developer of the skin directly. That is your best avenue as skins are not supported here.

  • TomBarlow
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Prefernces -> General (?)
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There used to be, the options that were there have been moved around. What was the option you need to change?