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Lo-bit (low bitrate, low frequency) music
As I promised, here is a place for rational discussion about music, where compression artifacts are a part of listening experience, like a "digital Lo-Fi".

Some examples
(These are from free weblabels, am I doing something wrong?)

* Ambient/Downtempo/Electronica

Cryovolcano "004"
tronic_koi "hot_kog"
old oldman "the tender a** ep"

* Remix/Breakbeat/8-bit (are there 8-bit fans?)

josstintimberlake "mashup"

There are also many experimental albums, but fishing for the "very best" is difficult.

Well known weblabels:
20kbps, Microbit Records, 8RAVENS
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Lo-bit (low bitrate, low frequency) music
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Then there's 1-bit music!

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Lo-bit (low bitrate, low frequency) music
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very interesting, I liked the ambient tracks.
but I stick with chiptunes
All tracks accurately ripped

End of status report