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Questions about EAC to APE and tags
After trying several methods of ripping with EAC to Monkey's Audio .ape format I discovered some things and I need help answering some questions.

What I diccovered 

- When you rip individual tracks in EAC using the Monkey's Audio Lossless Encoder (mac.exe) and you add ID3 tags but without checking 'Use ID3 V1.1 tags instead of ID3 V1.0 tags' that MAC will convert the ID3 V1.0 tags and save them as ID3V1.1 but your track number will be lost and will always read 0 for any track number.

- If you rip individual tracks in EAC ... but with the 'Use ID3 V1.1 tags instead of ID3 V1.0 tags' checked then all the information is perserved in the ID3 V1.1 tag in your new .ape file including the proper track number.

What I have a question about is 

- When I rip an entire CD in EAC using 'Copy Image & Create Cue Sheet' -> 'Compressed' so that I get an .ape & .cue sheet of the CD for archiving, is there any way to get EAC to automatically record the album information (that would normally be written in the ID3 tags of the individual tracks) into the .ape file with either ID3 v1.1 or preferably APE tags?

I've read a thread here about using Case's wapet to write APEv2 tags from EAC which is shown on his webpage. I was wondering if anyone has tried this with ripping in the above manner?

Any thoughts or experience with this would be greatly appreciated.

- A second question relates with what the differences are between ID3v1.1 and APEv1 and APEv2? I can't seem to find where these are explained, what their capabilities, limits are. Does APEv2 allow you to record more information than what is available through Monkey Audio's GUI frontend? Can one add for example artwork, covers, lyrics, etc to the APEv2 tag? if so how?

thanks people