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Tool to extract LPCM/WAV from VOB files

Anyone here knows any free good app to extract LPCM from a VOB file or DVD-Video?
I know there is DVD Audio Extractor, but it is not free.
Any quality similar applications for Linux?
If command line application please hint on the command to extract the audio.


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Tool to extract LPCM/WAV from VOB files
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Commercial DVDs are copy protected, and we don't discuss how to crack the encryption here.  There are sites that discuss this stuff, and I know of one "illegal" free program that can decrypt the DVD and separate (demultiplex) the audio at the same time.

I'm a Windows user, and I typically use Corel Video Studio ($100 USD) to make an audio file from an unencrypted DVD.

Assuming a non-encrypted disc...
VOB2MPG[/color] (FREE) can convert your VOB files to a single MPEG-2 file.

Then, you should be able to open the file with Audacity[/u] (FREE), and save the audio.

Or, SUPER[/color] (FREE) can extract/convert the audio from an A/V file. 

Another program (which I haven't tried) is AoA Audio Extractor.  (I think you'll need a single MPEG-2 file for this one.

There are instructions on the VideoReDo site for how to combine VOB files into one VOB/MPEG-2 file with DOS.  I assume the procedure is very similar in Linux.  Then, you simply have to open/extract the audio.