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Foobar 2000 as UpNP player for FLAC files
maybe there is a simple answer, but I can't find it.
I started a UpNp media server on a computer in my home using TVmobili and I'm using Foobar2000 as a player on a notebook, using foo_upnp component. Everything works fine with MP3 files and also with ALAC files (after installing ALAC support on Foobar, of course) even at 24/96 bitrate. I can't instead play FLAC files (obviously, standard FLAC files, 16/44.1, that I can play without problems on the same notebook). Simply, the Upnp browser on Foobar2000 shows the directories, but it don't put them on the playlist, as they were not supported, and unlike it does for MP3 or Alac contents.
Have I to install some other components, or this functionality is simply not supported on foo_upnp and I must use a different player?
The server PC is a Mac with Leopard and the notebook is a Vaio notebook with Windows 7.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

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Foobar 2000 as UpNP player for FLAC files
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I dont know anything about TVmobli but I use foo_upnp to serve flacs to my sony bdps370, whilst i cant get foo_upnp to decode them to lpcm for the sony to play them lossless, i can get foo_upnp to transcode them to mp3's. are you sure you have setup foo_upnp correctly? I do think there are a few issues with compatibility though, but i'm sure they will be worked out eventually.

FWIW i also use Serviio for my flacs and that decodes them to lpcm and plays them on the Sony perfectly and effectively lossless, so at least i know its possible and hopeful that foo_upnp will improve as it matures.

Foobar 2000 as UpNP player for FLAC files
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In my configuration the player is a laptop using foobar2000 and the foo-upnp component as a player; as I said before the configuration works well if the audio file I select is in Mp3 or Alac coding; it doesn't work if the coding is Flac.
Many thanks