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Unknown noise when recording.
Greetings guys,

I have a music file (.wav) that was recorded onto my rig. Problem is, there seems to be some kind of background noise:

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Unknown noise when recording.
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I can't tell much from the image....  I don't know where zero is, or what the scale is....  I see two waveforms (left & right I assume), and they are silent (or nearly silent) at the beginning before the sound fades-in.  But, I can't tell if there is noise or offset.

What's "My rig?"

How loud is the noise?  What does the noise sound like?  Hum? Hiss?  Something else?

What are you recording from?  (Microphone, CD player, etc.)?  If you are using a microphone, tell us about the mic, how it's connected, what you are trying to record, and the recording environment.

Are you using your built-in soundcard? Are you connected to line-in or mic-in?  A USB mic? Line inputs are usually acceptable (assuming you have a line-level signal),  but soundcard mic inputs are generally low-quality and they are not designed to interface with professional mics (low impedance balanced connection).   

Is that just noise in that waveform, or is there signal too?  If it's just noise, it's strange because it starts with little or no noise, and then fades-in. 

Recorded noise can be external (i.e if you are recording from a cassette tape, of if you have an unshielded cable and you're picking-up hum, etc.).  Or it can be generated (or picked-up) in the "analog side" of your soundcard.

Offset is usually a soundcard problem.

Noise is always an issue to some extent.  It's the most difficult "technical issue" in recording.  Pros record in soundproof studios with good quality (low noise) equipment.
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