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CELT decoder component

CELT codec home page:

Not really a third party component, but it feels like the discussion thread belongs in here rather than in one of the other forums

CELT decoder component
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this component does not work for me.  I used CELT 0.10.0 to encode, which played fine in rhythmbox.  in foobar2000, I was able to add a bunch of files to the playlist, but none of the CELT files played.  the response was something like "unsupported or corrupted file".

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CELT decoder component
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Your encoder version is too old, the component is for the latest bitstream version. To quote "Since CELT is still in development, most new releases (even minor ones) change the bit-stream, so compatibility is not preserved."

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CELT decoder component
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Does that mean that now (0.11.2) encoded celt audio, may not decode in next celt revision?

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CELT decoder component
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Celt developers are now preparing for a bit stream freeze. meaning if some bugs which may greatly improve codec quality or performance will show up compatibility with current revision might break. They would like to avoid this as I understand.