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Three "Updating files" Windows Popup

1. I'm quite sure this is a main application issue, as I had an old album art and track info addon, which have since removed. I have recently added 'shpeck' milkdrop addon as well as an ipod manager component (foo_drop.dll) but I'm 98.9% sure this issue occurred before these components were added.

2. I have tried to manually query the troubleshooter, and it returned with: "No known problematic components found."
(I have tried searching the forum for previous posts regarding this issue, and only found this:
it just has a response with a link to the rules.)

3. I am using the latest stable version v1.1.6, I have skimmed through the changelog and didn't appear to see that this issue has been resolved, so no I haven't attempted to run any betas.

4. I am simply trying to get foobar2000 to play music without giving me 3 (or any) popups for every single song. Yes they only popup for a second, but it is very distracting and annoying. After recently getting v1.1.6, I expected it to generally behave as v0.9.5 (which I had used for quite a while now) but this issue started occurring.

Issue: No matter whether my playlist has 1 or 100 songs in it, for every single song, at around the 1 min 20 second second mark, around 3 'updating files' popups flash on the screen, and when I say flash, I mean they popup real quickly and then disappear. The windows themselves can't always be seen, but I notice them in the start bar every time. If you'll please notice the console log below, where it says "Reopening played file after update:" is basically when the popup(s) occur. I was doing nothing when those were written in the console.

I have a screenshot if that helps (Yes, the screenshot is shown with v1.1.5 but after taking it, I updated to v1.1.6 and the issue still happens):
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Three "Updating files" Windows Popup
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Try to remove foo_misc_addons.

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Three "Updating files" Windows Popup
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Though it is not checked by default you may want to look at:

Preferences>advanced>Tools>playback Stats> and confirm that you do not want foobar to rework stats to file tags on each playback.

And I have no idea with misc_addons is. You may want to look at it's functions.
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Three "Updating files" Windows Popup
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On going to 'about' on that component, I get a link to this acropolis blog?... ah yes, I think it was part of the milk drop stuff I added (apparently it was needed).

Anyways, I've removed it and *plays a song*.....

Wow, that appears to have fixed it!

Man, I kinda forgot I had added it and thought that 'foo_misc_addons' was a default addon or part of the main app... Sheeeeeit.

Btw, for some reason, I don't seem to have 'playback Stats' under 'Tools', just: Converter, iPod Manager, Replay Gain Scanner & Search Filters.

@lvqcl and tpijag, Thank you both soooo much for your help.
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Three "Updating files" Windows Popup
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Though written by foobar author, it is a separate component.

Three "Updating files" Windows Popup
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Playback statistics, hmm, it must have been in the bundle that the milkdrop component came in, I remember there being a few components there, but I thought they might depend on eachother..

Cheers tpijag

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Three "Updating files" Windows Popup
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Important to ignore whatever bundle you have and download from Foobar site.

Three "Updating files" Windows Popup
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I will keep that in mind for next time, but yea, I hardly ever download components anyways, I think it was a few years ago, that I tried a milkdrop component off the Foobar site, and I was unable get it working, so, like a year or so later I decided to look elsewhere, this one works fine though, and it's the only thing I really missed from my winamp days, so now Foobar is perfect imo  no more components and on the off chance I do get one, it'll definitely be from the Foobar site.

Thanks again tpijag