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Static vs Dynamic linking
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Fine viktor:
* Does this method allow for usage of project files, or is it some contrived makefile method (which would be useless with FB2K)
* Is there any limit to what this method can compile for? Does it allow C++ with heavy template usage, virtual classes, etc? Is there any security issues or issues with some things like the runtime's vector<> implementation, etc?
* Which version of the MSVC runtime does it link against, the most recent, or just the MSVC6 version?

If points 1 and 2 are settled, I would love to hear more about these methods.....
FB2K especially relies on point 2 being settled in regards to certain C++ features being usable.

it allows everything. you can use makefiles, vs projects or whatever you want. you basically adjust command line variables, so it's possible to do anywhere (yes, vs project files also just feed the command line tools with project settings). sometimes there are tricks, such as getpid vs getcurrentprocessid, but until now i could solve them all for my projects. read some, try it, and you'll see.

some background info and tutorials:

after these, you should be able to compile some stuff for yourselves:

most of them are just batch files (which adjust environmental variables), but zlib-wdk is a vs project, so yes, it's certainly doable. sometime ago i also compiled some mfc stuff (xchat wmp), but it was too bloated so i haven't published it.
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Static vs Dynamic linking
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You're missing a huge problem with WDK.
You cannot use the C++ standard library from VC++. You have to hack it with STLPort (as per the WDK links you provided), and that's something you _really_ do not want to target modern C++ with. Particularly not with a non-current compiler.

You keep saying that it's perfectly usable for anything. It's not, remotely, usable.
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