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Suggestions for DVD-RW & Blu-Ray combo
Hi all,

I'm new here.  A friend of mine recommended I check out this forum.  I apologize in advance because I'm sure people like me pass through here and ask the question I'm about to ask a million times.  Well, here goes...

I think my internal DVD-RW drive (Plextor's PX-716A) is dying and I need a replacement.  I can't say for sure that it's dying but I'm growing concerned about its ability to perform simply because it seems to rip DVDs more slowly than it once did, and I sure feel like I burn more CD-R and DVD-R coasters than I have in years past.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I know most computer components have clear signs that their lives are coming to an end, but I'm not sure how to discern an impending death with optical drives.

Anyway...  I'd like for my next model to not only burn DVD-R's and CD-R's but also play Blu-Ray discs.  I don't need to burn Blu-Ray discs.  Are any of you using a combo model like what I'm looking for?  Can you tell me if there are prominent models out there?

I swear it's getting harder to find reviews for computer components.  (It also seems like Plextor isn't the big dog in the optical drive industry that it once was.)  I'm guessing I'm in a small niche of consumers: those who want to use their computer to watch Blu-Rays as opposed to using their TV.

I'll be grateful for any advice or suggestions. And, again, I'm sorry if you guys are sick of questions like this.  Please redirect me to a previous thread if one already exists (I didn't see anything that matches my request exactly).

Thank you!