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Improving foobar's mp3-Player support

I don'T know if this is the right forum but i hope you guys can help me.

I'm currently trying to improve foobar to work as best as possible for my portable mp3 player.

I'm rating all/most of my tracks by shortkeys, and sort them into playlists by RATING.

After that i create a playlist with random_pools to get a random selection of tracks with rating GREATER 2, this playlist is limited to the MB size of my Sony Walkman.

now comes the party where i need your guys help again;)

1. Is there a way to tell random_pools that he should put certain files in the playlist every time i create it (by ID3 tag maybe; should work by sorting, but i don'T know how to do that)
2. At the moment every time i need to empty the playlist "Sony Walkman" manualy before i can hit Random Pools again, is there a solution to do this with some kind of automatication? (not that worse if that does not work)
3. Can i tell foobar to do all these steps by a script for him selfe? (WSH panel maybe?)
Steps are:
1. Empty the playlist "Sony Walkman" (no idea how to realise this)
2. Run random_pools to fill the playlist (no idea how to realise this)
3. Delete all files from my Walkman (Walkman runs als portable media player, so i don't know how to "catch§ it with a batch file, after solfing that it's easy:))
4. Copy the files from the playlist to a folder on my HDD (walkman allways runs as portable media player, so foobar does not wnat to copy files there)
5. Copy the content of the folder to the Walkman (Sony delivers a tool for the Walkman that does this by itselfe, just need to run the tool with foo_run)

Yeah, thats "all";)

hope you guys can give me some tips, would be great.

If it works it could be great for many users as a tutorial i think (i will write that for sure after everything works;) )

Greetings Ephoras

Improving foobar's mp3-Player support

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Ok, i am quite finished realising it myselfe;)

Done a neat little batch file:
using the new one, look down the page

It starts foobar/brings it to the front/ unhides it.
Waits a bit because if it has to start foobar it may need some time;)
Creates a new Playlist
Filles it with Random Pools Playlist Sony Walkman
Waits some time;)
Selects all items in the Playlist
Opens the Copy to... Window where i have to click "Copy" by myselfe, which is ok, becaus it may happen that i change the path
It waits untill i hit a key (so that the cpoying proces is finished for sure)
It starts the Sony Content Transfer app, which autosyncs the folder wher i copied the musik to, with my Walkman

EDIT: Ok, found a way, that works for now.
1. I needed to modify the batch file to:
Code: [Select]
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\"
start foobar2000.exe
timeout /t 5
foobar2000.exe /runcmd="New Playlist"
foobar2000.exe /runcmd=Sony
timeout /t 5
foobar2000.exe /command:"Select All"
foobar2000.exe /runcmd-playlist="Copy to..."
foobar2000.exe /runcmd="remove Playlist"
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Content Transfer\
start ContentTransfer.exe"

2. I use foo_run to start the script. For that the batch file must not be stored in the foobar directory...
3. I set a global hotkey to run the foo-run command.


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