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Bug save/load m3u

If you know Russian - look here
If you do not know Russian - see automatic translation "google translate":

Suppose there flac cue with sewn on 8 tracks total duration of one hour.
* Open in foobar - there are 8 tracks, save in m3u
* M3u opens Notepad - 8 lines with the name of flac-file without tags
* Open m3u in aimp3 - 8 flac in one piece, ie, 8 copies the full file of an hour each
* Open the m3u to foobar - 64 tracks (8 copies of 8 tracks), ie He also reads the cue.
As a result, remain in the mold: aimp not want to read cue, fubar the contrary, reads them, but better for it not to become - what for 8 copies?
This glitch fubara: fubar must maintain a one-line flac without tags, or 8 lines, but with tags (as does aimp).
By aimp kind of like pritenzy not: there are tags - read them, no tags - believes one piece. This approach allows to remove from the playlist some tracks, while their fubar anyway forced to load, contrary to our wishes.

In short this side of foobar blunder: ill reveals that he has kept since retains no tags.
Aimp retains the tags and he's OK.
When trying to open the saved m3u aimp, fubar nothing opens - can not understand what tags / shmegi such a result does not understand the file format.

Interestingly, and if you try to then save and open in fubarom aimp (above actions in several iterations), do not get a prank that the number of Flaco will grow in the progression?
It would be just funny.

Checked - everything is as it happens:) Let N iteration will gobble up all the memory:)
Just not in aimp opened, and in fubare: Open, Save, Open, Save

P.S. Who knows both languages ​​- translate to other users
foobar2000 v1.1.2 and v1.1.6b - bug is present

Bug save/load m3u

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