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Tag wavpack files from command line (Linux)

I'm looking for a Linux command line tool that would allow editing tags of Wavpack files after they are encoded, in order to integrate it in big encoding/transcoding shell scripts.
Using the official wvunpack I can easily extract tag values in a script, i.e like that:
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title=$(wvunpack "$input_file" -x 'TITLE' 2> /dev/null)

However I can not modify the tags once the wavpack file is created.

I'm currently using lltag (frontend to metaflac, vorbiscomment, etc.) for my tagging needs, but it does not recognize Wavpack files.
Unfortunately Apetag does not seem to support Wavpack either.

Is there any program that could do that, and if not is it possible to do it the hard way using grep, sed, etc ?

Thank you
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Tag wavpack files from command line (Linux)
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One of my long-term projects is to provide this kind of functionality in the WavPack command-line programs, but unfortunately it's fairly low on the priority queue.

However, I built and tried the Apetag program that you mentioned and I did not have any trouble getting it to work with WavPack files. The only issue I had was that it didn't handle binary tags well (it seemed to convert them to text tags when I updated anything). What trouble did you have?

Also, in the past I have been able to use the program Tag (created by HA's own Synthetic Soul and available here) running under Wine (although again I'm not sure it handles cover art because of the binary tags).

Hope this helps... 


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Tag wavpack files from command line (Linux)
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Python Audio Tools should work for you - in particular the tracktag command.
I've only used it a few times, but its capable of adding tags to WavPack files including binary tags (e.g. cover art).
Should mention I've never tried removing tags with it, so don't if/how well it handles that.
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Tag wavpack files from command line (Linux)
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I'll have to add tag removal to the next version of tracktag.  The functionality for removing individual tag items is in the core library, but I haven't added those options at the tool level yet.  I tend to add or modify tags a lot more than removing them, so it slips my mind.

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Tag wavpack files from command line (Linux)
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Thank you for your answers guys.

I misread the Apetag homepage and thought it was a frontend for other tag tools. I just tested it and it seems to works fine with Wavpack files.

Python Audio Tools seems a bit overkill for my tagging needs, but I'll have a look at it for its ripping capabilities (is it considered as "secure" as cdparanoia?).
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Tag wavpack files from command line (Linux)
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It uses libcdio for CD data extraction which includes the paranoia library, so it shouldn't be any worse than cdparanoia.