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Who wants to start a demo-group?
Hi all! You may not know me so much but I am asking if anyone got some free time and want to start a demo-group.

A demo-group is a group with a team that makes music and visual-programming with C#, Java, Flash, 3D softwares and so on.
I just startet a website called wich the team can use for showing of the work .  I make
music with the software Propellerheads Reason 5, so I can take the music part. Chiptune-style music is always cool for these kind of things .

If anyone think this would be cool then reply in this post and maybe we kan try to start a demo-group. This can be a great idea
to get to know each other here on the forum too!
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Who wants to start a demo-group?
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Sounds nice.

I am working on and off on a cracktro or demo. Did a entire demo engine, complete with texture generators, own custom file format, etc...
I only want to be in a demo group when I am skilled enough or artistic enough with my demomaking skills. Skills like design for one....

I can code, but I suck at design. Go figure....

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Who wants to start a demo-group?
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A friend of mine tried to drag me into the demoscene. But I kinda never got into it, really. He's doing his demos on a vintage C64. They're nice and all, but I just don't see myself doing those demos. I did a demo for my VT220, but that's totally different. Well, there's little demos for Linux, most run on windows. There's wild compos, for weird devices, like cellphones, MP3 players or Game Boys. I may look into that. Right now, I'm kinda interested into building my own ILDA laser, this will be probably the only platform for which I'll be doing demos...