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What are your *main lossy* formats of choice?

[ 250 ] (46.3%)
[ 128 ] (23.7%)
Ogg Vorbis
[ 87 ] (16.1%)
[ 23 ] (4.3%)
LossyWAV + lossless
[ 7 ] (1.3%)
WavPack lossy
[ 7 ] (1.3%)
[ 3 ] (0.6%)
WMA Standard or PRO (lossy)
[ 2 ] (0.4%)
other lossy format
[ 1 ] (0.2%)
I don't use lossy AT ALL!
[ 32 ] (5.9%)

Total Members Voted: 458

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2011 ripping/encoding general poll

It was a long time since guruboolez's poll in 2009. I hope he is not angry that I copy/paste his poll.

The difference with previous polls is that this one is multiple choice. You are free to choose a few codecs. Like Codec A for DAP and Codec B for PC.

I would ask administrators, please, move topic to poll section. I could not create a topic in poll section for some reason.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #1
lossless: tak -pMax. i'm a recent convert having previously used flac. but then i looked at my usage: i only use foobar2000 for playing music at home so it just made sense. i don't need open source/cross platform/hardware support that other codecs offer.

lossy: ogg vorbis @ q5 for my sansa clip

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #3
Well,i used lossy before hd space become really cheap[mpc or oggV] and don't use portable-iPod so i consume    lossless these days only.If its lossless allready[net source]i just leave like that;in case of shorten or wav or if rip cd muself i use tak @ p2 or p4..

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #4
Seems like i didn´t change anything from the last poll. I still use the same Hardwareplayer that plays flac natively so i encode flac but use the fast CL GPU encoder and as side effect squeezes the max out of the flac format.
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2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #5
FLAC as it is the one chance to stop Apple Lossless or WMA-L becoming the standard...

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #6
My main (archive) library is all lossless WavPack, full images with embedded CUE sheets. I would use TAK, but I don’t feel comfortable using a completely closed format for archival. I also considered FLAC, but it’s way too picky about what you can store in an embedded CUE.

On my laptop I use AAC, encoded with Nero. It plays anywhere.

I use Musepack SV8 on my portable (thanks to Rockbox). It sounds perfectly fine to me on the “radio” setting, and my battery lasts forever. I wish this format were being actively updated, but it’s great how it is, honestly.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #7
Same as last year (and probably next year): 100% FLAC and one file per track.

* A DAP would be useless for me, so no need for lossy.
* With HD capacities still growing, my quest for the best compression ratio is over for good.
* I heavily rearrange my CD tracks, so the one-file-per-album solution wouldn't make sense.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #8
TAK and Vorbis mainly for Rockboxed Fuze.
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2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #9
Depending on content and needs:
Apple and Nero AAC VBR 192-256 kbps.
LAME -V2/V0/320 kbps

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #10
I'm not angry at all  I'm very happy to see a new poll on this subject. Thank you!

I didn't change anything during the last years:
- AAC, which seems to be more and more supported outside Apple's ecosystem
- FLAC, which has a good compatibility with hardware players and an excellent one with software
- one file/track

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #11
I use mostly ogg but it was a difficult decision because I have used AAC a lot too. What made me pick ogg is because I have started to use it again for my HTC Desire HD cell phone and if I consolidate projects in Reaper so that I can mix for fun or send to bands to preview what they just tracked, then I output the projects to ogg.

An ABX i did not long ago between Ogg aotuv, Nero AAC and Quicktime AAC showed ogg to be best (for me) at around 128 kbps and that was even when I set aotuv encoder to lowpass 99 letting most frequencies pass (if i am correct). I will do some higher bitrate ABX's some time. One new codec that I am really impressed by is LossyWAV.

When it comes to lossless I use FLAC. I also record projects in Reaper with FLAC (24 bit) and it makes an enormous difference to disk space being used. Just too bad that FLAC doesn't support 32bit float so that I could also use it when I do bouncing/rendering clips with effects which usually end up as 32bit float. WavPack offers 32 bit float but I stay FLAC since it is, if I understood it correctly, a lot more common than WavPack. Regards

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #12
Don't think it's changed since 2009...

FLAC, one file per track &
MP3 V0, cause I've got golden ears   

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #13
Lossy: Ogg Vorbis
Lossless: FLAC
Ripping mode: one file per track

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #14
Bulk of library is either TAK or LossyTAK
Loose tracks = MP3 -V 0
Portable = MP3 -V 5
One file per track.

PC = TAK + LossyWAV  ::  Portable = Opus (130)

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #15
I rip to 256 kbps AAC via iTunes and have iTunes transcode the files to 128 kbps when syncing to my iPhone / iPad. No longer use lossless.

Same same here.
Simplicity & quality.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #16
WavPack hybrid all around: lossless at home and lossy on my Android smartphone/PMP, keeping a copy transcoded to LAME MP3 V2 in case I need to use my files in WV unfriendly environments, one file per track.
WavPack 5.4.0 -b384hx6cmv / qaac64 2.72 -V 100

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #17
I haven't changed:

One file per track LAME MP3 -V5 for car/computer/iPod

Single Wavpack Image with embedded cuesheet for my CD archive.

If I download FLAC or Apple lossless tracks I convert to Wavpack.  I do have FLAC versions of the music a friend and I make, as I have more chance of that being useful to 3rd parties.
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2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #18
I used to keep an archive of WavPack lossless images and transcode to my MP3-only player using LAME -V2 --vbr-new. When I moved to an iPod/iTunes, I ended up biting my tongue and jettisoning the lossless archive—and, for some reason, I decided to rip new tracks to AAC at 256 kbps (iTunes Plus preset). This risked being a problem (and left me wondering why I had bothered) when I had to replace my iPod, but in the end I bought a player that supports AAC (as well as FLAC, should I ever want to use lossless). Still, I wish I had just stuck with MP3 for future-proofing, just in case, although AAC may or may not be on its way to being generally supported.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #19
MP3  :
I use 320K or V0, because large hard disk
portable V4

-8 -A tukey(0.5) -A flattop 
-6  -l 12 -A tukey(0.5) -A flattop

one file per track

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #20
TAK 2.1.0 -p4m

Musepack --quality 5

One file per track

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #21
Lossy: None. Reason is that I don't have a portable, and not planning to get one.

Lossless: FLAC. Reason is that is well supported in Linux. I also like WavPack but the problem started when I needed Audacity to edit a file, or tried to burn them on the fly with K3B. I know there are workarounds, but I prefer things out of the box. Anyways, it's not WavPack's fault. I just wished it supported more hardware.

File scheme: One file per track. Reason: No cuesheets, because it seems that you get restricted to only a couple of software capable of reading cuesheets. I use Quod Libet to play files.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #22
FLAC, level 0. For archival purposes.
Ogg Vorbis, q5.0. For home and portable listening.

Both formats are one file per track.
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2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #23
Lossy : for both my Cowon J3 and my computer: Nero AAC 1.5.4 at q.65 (~240 - 265kbps).

Lossless: for archiving (one file per track copied to my external hard drive): Monkey's Audio v3.99 (4.06 for the whole bundle) Extra High which is not that slow to encode with an i7  .

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #24
256 AAC with XLD. For Use iTunes iPhone Apple TV. I didn't see the point of keeping my lossless files deleted them all.

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