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foobar help
Why foobar doesn´t have any help files???

foobar help
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because nobody wrote any. i don't think peter is interrested in creating help files at all. maybe someone is willing to write a foobar faq or something, someday, but so far i don't know of any. i doubt you will ever find any real help files in foobar.

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foobar help
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What do you need help with? It's all pretty straight forward. The only thing which needs a bit of help documentation is the title formatting and that has some help... If someone finds a reason to then maybe a sticky could be written.

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foobar help
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you can always use the forum... to me that's as good as a manual, if not better 

foobar help
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There was a long thread on this awhile back. Lots of people volunteered to help but it never really got off the ground.  Chastity said she has a FAQ she's been working on.  You can usually find her on the official IRC channel.

Till then, read the rules and use the forum.  Lots of smart people here willing to help.
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