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Still cannot convert files to WMA with Foobar
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Managed to get dBpowerAmp converting too now!

Encoder File: C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpoweramp\CoreConverter.exe

Extension: wma

Parameters: -infile=%s -outfile=%d -convert_to="Windows Media Audio 9" -codec="Windows Media Audio 9.2" -settings="320 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo CBR" -cbr -errorfile="d:\desktop\Error.log"

The thing to remember is that you need to put -cbr or -vbr at the very end of the options, even though you have already defined this in the options earlier.  For some bizarre reason, it just doesn't work if you don't.

There we go, the script above chucks out a WMA 9 standard profile at 320 kbs 44.1 kHz 16 bit CBR.

Still cannot convert files to WMA with Foobar
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I apologize for bumping an old thread, however I do believe I've found a solution after searching relentlessly to no avail.

Mareo would work for me on EAC, but would crash under foobar...
I too was getting the 'An error occurred while finalizing the encoding process (Object not found)' error when trying to convert files with foobar+mareo.
The parameters I used were copied and pasted from the html file that was with my copy of mareo:

mareo.ini %s %d "%artist%" "%album%" "%title%" %tracknumber%" "%date%" "%genre%"

at a glance it looks fine, but after closer inspection you'll notice that %tracknumber% is missing a quote (") !!
it should look like this:

mareo.ini %s %d "%artist%" "%album%" "%title%" "%tracknumber%" "%date%" "%genre%"

Voila! It works!!

I signed up to the forum just to make this post! I  do hope this helps someone, and I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere...