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foobar 1.1.2 volume problem

After update from foobar 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 i can't change volume of playback. Moving volume slider in foobar or foobar application slider in windows mixer doesn't affect playback volume, so only way to change volume is change global volume.

I'm use Win7 x64 ultimate and user account. Playback device in foobar is "Dynamics - Asus Sonar DX Audio Device", changing it to "Primary Sound Driver" doesn't help, no active DSP in foobar.

Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for my english.

foobar 1.1.2 volume problem

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i've got the same problem here

foobar 1.1.2 volume problem

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There is a known problem related to Asus Xonar driver bugs. Maybe disabling their hacky implementation of EAX will help you, as it did when DS float32 playback was introduced. Obviously no Asus Xonar user reported any problems during the beta cycle, so this went under the radar.
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foobar 1.1.2 volume problem

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Disabling EAX helped. Thank you.

If anyone need info how disable EAX, it's Xonar Audio Center bottom right corner (DSP mode) GX button (DS3D GX 2.0).

foobar 1.1.2 volume problem

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