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laptop fan noise
Hi, My Dell Latitude 820 has an annoying fan noise that has a pronounced single pitch.  This seems to be an auxilliary fan, as it only comes on after the laptop has been on for awhile.  I tried out a cooling pad that is even worse than the laptop.  Any suggestions?

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laptop fan noise
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I've no experience with Dells in particular, but generally a thermostatic cooling fan will come on less (if at all) if you use aggressive power save settings.

As to how much noise it makes mostly what you can do is make sure it's clean.

laptop fan noise
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Ah, yes, I disassembled the entire laptop and found a lot of junk accumulated between the fan and the vents in the back of the laptop.  The fan still comes on sometimes, but it produces a white or pink sounding noise, instead of various pitches.  Thanks for the advice.

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laptop fan noise
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Had the same problem.. Opened my laptop.. Cleaned the fan and its fine now.. Thanks