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How to rip DTS format CD?
Today i've got a music CD in DTS format and i want to rip it to my computer correctly.
But I don't know what tool should be "exact".

I just tried with foobar2000,it produced a wav file.No player could play it...only noise...(well,I have tried with WMP , Foobar2000)
Then I change the file extension name from "wav" to "dts" and drag it back to foobar2000,it plays "well"(I can hear the music , really).

Though it worked by the way mentioned above,i don't think that is a perfect way.
I mean the *.wav header is still there.
How can i get a pure *.dts file?
Is there any gene container for dts stream?
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How to rip DTS format CD?
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EAC can do the CD extraction work very well, including the DTS-CD, AC3 CD and HDCD (exact bit extraction).

I guess you may need foo_dts.dll plugin installed into foobar2000, to make it DTS-WAV playbackable.

As for the wav header, you can use any wave editor, like GoldWave, to get rid of it. In GoldWave editor window, load the DTS-WAV file first. If you need to specify the format (PCM), samplerate, bit depth and the channel counts, I guess the file you want to load is a pure *.dts file which is changed the file extension into *.wav. If there's no format specify window, that is to say, it loads well and shows a constant noise wave, then save it into raw format (*.snd or *.raw), 16-bit signed stereo, and change the output *.raw/snd file into *.dts.

This is the only way that can change the DTS-WAV into pure DTS data. I guess you want the DTS-CD file compatible with DVD, right? DTS-CD has a definitely different samplerate from the DTS used in DVD, as this difference occurs between Audio CD and the PCM/AC3/DTS/MP2 tracks used in DVDs. So you have to re-encode the DTS-CD after extraction, into DVD compatible DTS files.
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