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major dissapointment: Deutsche Grammophon classical flac downloads

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Well you can still do it for the Hydrogenaudio laughing stock? 

I might just do that when I can be bothered to sort through my boxes of CD's in the garage and find it. Ironically, I saved the box set because of the extensive liner notes and track information that Decca provided with the set (and did so for all full priced classical CD's and LP's).

To see just how far the classical industry has fallen into the trap of commercial gain at the expense of quality, compare the care and research of the packaging, liner notes, libretto, that came with nearly all classical releases in their disc (LP and CD) form to that provided by current digital download providers. I think Hyperion records and Chandos are some notable exceptions with their high quality, usable resolution, PDF notes.

As for Universal, they should be Universally ashamed.

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