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Headphone sub forum
Hi everybody,

I got banned from head-fi for talking science and double blind testing nonsense and the rhetoric got a bit heated.  I was wondering if a sub-forum for headphones was ever tried here?  I'd like to post a review about headphones without getting mauled.  I put a disclaimer on the first page, and even though the people read it, it was summarily ignored.  I had some supporters, but they didn't speak up and their opinions were drowned out by more "regular" members. 

My review of $250-$350 headphones.
My review of a $50 headphone amplifier that sounds like a $1,000 amp.  I'm the first poster, with the label "banned" in red.

It would be nice to review headphone gear and get feedback from like minded folks.  However, the forums here seem a bit too generalized for headphone enthusiasts to really get a sense of community. 

Wondering if this was in the cards or not. 


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Headphone sub forum
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I suppose you can always post in Audio Hardware or Listening Tests. If I Were King, I wouldn't cut up the site in so many categories in the first place— but that's a whole 'nother discussion.

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Headphone sub forum
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Audio Hardware
Discussion of Audio Hardware, Soundcards, Hi-Fi equipment, stand-alone CD players, portable MP3 players, headphones etc.

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Headphone sub forum
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Just in time.
I was looking for affordable amp for my HD650. I was horrified by those super audiophile  prices.
Glad to see some serious work based on science approach, not just placebo and marketing rape.
Let me see ...

Is it harder to drive than the Sennheiser HD-595? Yes.
Harder than a Beyerdynamic DT-990 (250Ω or 600Ω)?  No.
But the impedance blah blah blah!!!!??!!!!!  No.
But, but, but.... NO.

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Headphone sub forum
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$50 headphone amplifier that sounds like a $1,000 amp
Hooray! I always suspected that price/quality graph is bell-shaped