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XMPlay 3.6
Lightweight Windows audio player XMPlay has reached version 3.6. Full changelog below.

3.6 - 22/12/2010
* Decoder/plugin saved settings
* Replaygain included in amplification saved settings
* Tag-based saved settings
* Priority filetypes for input plugins
* Use of the source sample resolution when writing to disk
* Shortcut reordering
* Playback state resetting when looping non-looped MODs
* Average play count per month in library
* Improved search support for diacritics
* Clearing of the folder/URL/search history
* Windows default output device ("Microsoft Sound Mapper")
* Support for UTF-16 playlists
* Support for opening URLs via DDE
* Gapless support for iTunes MP3 files
* Overriding of Explorer's "Hide extensions for known file types" setting
* Sample resolution added to WAV/AIFF "General" info
* WMA plugin: Sample resolution added to "General" info
* WMA plugin: Proxy support
* WADSP plugin: Bit borrowing for headroom to avoid clipping
* Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)

un4seen developments.
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XMPlay 3.6
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XMPlay is my second audio player. Very stable, excellent audio quality, native input plugins but fully compatible with Winamp input and visual plugins.
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