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Tags are sometimes not displayed


since a while (think since update from 1.0.3->1.1.1) I've a problem with %rating%-tag which is not always displayed.

As you can see in the picture below rating is not displayed on tilte "Loneyliness" regardless it is created the same way like the rating @"littel lion man"

Has anyone an idea about that?



Tags are sometimes not displayed

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Temp change the custom column pattern on the simple Rating column. Instead of %rating% try meta$(rating).
If the rating tag now shows, the issue is explained in detail within the thread on the foo_playcount. If so, let me know and I will try for a short summary

Tags are sometimes not displayed

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Hey tpijag,

$meta(rating) solved my problem!

But I don't understand why, or what the difference between $meta(rating) and %rating% is.

Could you give me a short explination?

Thank you!

Tags are sometimes not displayed

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You have been using Foobar for a long enough time that you have used 2.xx and now 3.xx versions of foo_playcount.

Some of your files you TAGGED with rating and the data went to the files metadata tag.
Some of your files you have rated since the change to and that data is being stored in the foo_playcount component itself.
If within the component the rating is empty that is what it will show regardless of file tag - unless you override with $meta.

IOW, foobar prefers the information in the component and will default to that unless you tell it otherwise.

You can do a mass update and copy all rating metadata to the component. Select all your files, Library>playback stats>import. Test on small sample first.
Now the component has all your info and it will show without having to use $meta. Metadata within the files can be erased also, if you wish.


Tags are sometimes not displayed

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Thank you - you cleared all of my misunderstandings :-)

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