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Drop outs, and more than one DS player
Hi Bubblegum.

Once again - thank you for your plugin which, for me, truly allows me to enjoy my Linn players.

I am still bothered by episodes of music dropout while playing Flac files through my DS players. All of my connections (server-> router-> laptop, and Router-> DS players) are via a wired Ethernet setup. The dropouts seem to happen shortly after I start playback although they can also occur episodically during extended periods of listening. If there are threads that have already addressed this problem please just point me at them and I'll sort out the problem by myself.

Wish I have 2 DS players there are times when I'd like to have simaltaneous playback through both - parties, for instance. Is there a way to start playback through more than one DS player at exactly the same time? Or could this be a feature addedd to the next iteration of this way cool plugin?

Thank you.