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Add cover art to bulk of FLAC files
I just ripped my collection of cd's to FLAC using the EAC. (>1000 cd's)

I can't find a good way to add cover art to the albums. I tried mp3.tag, but it seem like a single file option.

Do any of you know the magic program to get album art, so I can see it on my spueezebox touch?

(Sorry if this topic has been mentioned elsewhere, but could'nt seem to find a resent answer)


Add cover art to bulk of FLAC files
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I am also trying to do the same thing. I am using metaflac.exe to do that. I am now able to write a picture in the flac file, but VLC and mediamonkey doesn't see that picture and I don't know why.

I am giving this command:

"C:\Program Files\FLAC\metaflac.exe" "--import-picture-from=D:\1\Bots.jpg" "D:\1\1.flac"

The result is that the size of the file "D:1\1.flac" increases with the size of the file "D:\1\Bots.jpg". But when I play D:\1\1.flac with mediamonkey, I still see only the picture which was already in that file and Media monkey says it is the only picture in that file.

Does anybody have a solution or hints to help solve this problem ?


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Add cover art to bulk of FLAC files
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If you already have the artwork files and they all have a consistent name such as "cover.jpg", then you can use Mp3tag.  Load up your FLAC files into Mp3tag and highlight them.  On the toolbar, click the "Actions (Quick)" button and select "Import cover from file".  It's easiest when the artwork is in the same folder as the FLAC files, but not necessary as long as the artwork files are named in a consistent way that ties each artwork file to one set of FLAC files:

If artwork is in same folder as FLAC files, format string is simply cover.jpg (or whatever name you've given the artwork files)
If the artwork files are in another folder, then you have to structure a format string to reach them: e.g. C:\MUSIC\ARTWORK\%album%.jpg
You'll probably need to experiment with this to get it to work right or you can post back more detail on where your artwork files are located and how they are named.

If you don't already have the artwork and need to download it first, then you can try Media Art Aggregator.

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Add cover art to bulk of FLAC files
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Do you mean cover art embedded in every flac file or just one separate .jpg for every album/folder of files? If the latter, Album Art Downloader XUI is a good option.

Add cover art to bulk of FLAC files
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I just found out that if I remove all tags with --remove-all before putting the image in it with --import-picture-from I do get the result which I want. Building a little program to do that in batch is easy now.


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Add cover art to bulk of FLAC files
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Tried ALBUM ART DOWNLOADER it works really good. I just tested a couple of albums on the Squeezebox Touch and no problems.

I also test the MEDIA ART AGGREGATOR, but found the ALBUM ART DOWNLOADER to be more user friendly.

Maybe some of you know how to get win media player to see your music?
I can force it to see my albums by going through “organize” and go al the way through the directories to the album, right click and “find media info” – not really a good solution, if you want to take some music to a party etc. And furthermore it is a drag doing it album by album.
With MP3 songs, the media player just find the album art and all, so maybe this could be short cut for getting the album art?

I have the codec for playing FLAC, so that is not the problem.