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Topic: Vorbis aoTuV beta5.7 Plugin w/ XLD? (Read 3025 times) previous topic - next topic

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Vorbis aoTuV beta5.7 Plugin w/ XLD?
I believe the topic says it all. How do I use the Vorbis aoTuV beta5.7 Plugin with XLD? Do I need to use CLI? Not seeing any obvious way to use the resulting XLDVorbisOutput.bundle via the gui version of XLD. I don't mind CLI am just checking. Hoping to use latest version of Vorbis aoTuV on the mac.

Nevermind answered my own question. For others who are wondering..

Right click on the XLD executable and select "Show Package Contents"
A new Finder window should open
Browse to Contents > Plugins
Overwrite XLDVorbisOutput.bundle with the one extracted from the archive

AFAIK you can't have multiple versions of a decoder by re-naming the added plugin. Wouldn't be surprised if you could hack it in but my guess is you would have to repeat this every time a new version of XLD comes out. Regardless if someone else knows or figures this out, please post.
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