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Topic: Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here (Read 6575 times) previous topic - next topic
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Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here

This is the link for X-Fixers in_flac.dll file for Winamp 2.xx:

Winamp tag fixer

Unzip and copy the .dll file into Winamp/plugins overwriting the previous in_flac.dll 

I have been looking for hours and hours for this  and stumbled on it in another thread that the search engine didn't show. I am therefore advertising it here as I can't be the only other person looking for it!

The Winamp 2 plugin bundled with the FLAC codec is not 100% The comment tag does not work correctly. Hence when a tag program such as 'Tag frontend' is used, the comment field in Winamp is not updated.

This problem was noticed and fixed by X-Fixer and Josh stated he will add this to the FLAC website etc when he gets time.

I hope this saves others time - I posted this problem and many people read it but no one answered so I take that to mean others have the problem and can't fix it either.

Thanks X-Fixer 


Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here

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The plugin also does much more than fix the tags.  It's kinda misleading to call it a "tag fixer plugin".  It's just an updated version of the FLAC player plugin.

But, yes, I do appreciate the plugin as well.  I like the fact that it shows ReplayGain, so I can quickly check in WinAmp if my files are ReplayGained or not.  And it isn't as error-prone as the "official" plugin.

Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here

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Rightyoh - I am brand new to FLAC so haven't got past the tagging in winamp yet - so thanks for pointing out that it does more than just tagging - I will come across replay gain shortly!


Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here

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thanks for your interest

it indeed would be nice to see the plug-in on FLAC site 

btw, the "problem" with old plug-in is simply that it uses "description" tag instead of "comment".

Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here

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I'm getting interested by using FLAC (error resistant and Replaygain) and I converted some of my APE files within this format.

I am defenetly a FLAC newbie 

I use Winamp2.91 for playback, and associated Winamp2 FLAC plug-in from Josh and updated by X-Fixer (v1.0beta6a, compiled on may 6 2003).

I tagged them, still in Winamp (I know there should be better way to do this, however I'm sure tags are correct, ie. vorbistag).

My problem is tags are correct in Winamp Playlist, but not in Winamp Media Library. The infos in the ML are "guessed" from files name, not in line with the tags.

Is there something I did wrong or is it just the plug-in wich does not ensure this job ? In the second case, is the plug-in planned to be updated ?

Thanx a lot for your help.

Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here

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winamp 2.9x "extended metainformation" APIs are not supported yet, mostly because I don't know how to do it.

if someone can enlighten me in this, I will appreciate it much (and no, new sdk posted on winamp forums does not seem to have the info I need).

Winamp FLAC tag fix in_flac.dll here

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Thanx for your reply X-Fixer 

And sorry I'm not a programmer so I can't help you about WA sdk incomplete infos.

Your plug-in works already very well (priority,replaygain, etc.), thank you for the good job.

I will wait for Media Library.

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