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qaac: Command Line Options
Does anybody know where can one find the command line options for qaac?

And perhaps a guide how to set it up in EAC?


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qaac: Command Line Options
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I found this page ( on the net, but they only work with foobar for me, i would like to know how to set it with dbpoweramp or EAC, because with dbpoweramp i get encode errors.

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qaac: Command Line Options
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Code: [Select]
qaac 0.17
Usage: qaac [options] infiles....

"-" as infile means stdin.
In ADTS output mode, "-" as outfile means stdout.

Main options:
-d <dirname>   Output directory, default is cwd
-a, --abr <bitrate> AAC ABR mode / bitrate
-V, --tvbr <n> AAC True VBR mode / quality [0-127]
-v, --cvbr <bitrate>  AAC Constrained VBR mode / bitrate
-c, --cbr <bitrate> AAC CBR mode / bitrate
--he   HE AAC mode (Can't use TVBR)
-A, --alac ALAC encoding mode
-q, --quality <n>   AAC encoding Quality [0-2]
-r, --rate <option> Sample rate option (AAC only)
  Specify one of the followings:
  keep: Try to preserve the original rate
  auto: Let QuickTime choose the optimal one
  <number>: Literal rate in Hz
-s, --silent   Don't be verbose
-n, --nice Give lower process priority
--downmix <mono|stereo> Downmix to mono/stereo
--no-optimize   Don't optimize MP4 container file after encoding
--adts ADTS(raw AAC)output, instead of m4a(AAC only)
--ignorelength Assume WAV input and ignore the data chunk length
-R, --raw   Raw PCM input
-S, --stat Save bitrate statistics into file

Options for single input mode only:
-o <filename>   Output filename

Options for Raw PCM input only:
--raw-channels <n> Number of channels, default 2
--raw-rate <n> Sample rate, default 44100
--raw-format  <str>  Sample format, default S16L
  Sample format spec:
  1st char: S(igned) | U(nsigned) | F(loat)
  2nd part: Bitwidth
  Last part: L(ittle Endian) | B(ig Endian)
  Cases are ignored. u8b is OK.

Tagging options(single input only):
--title <string>
--artist <string>
--band <string>
--album <string>
--grouping <string>
--composer <string>
--comment <string>
--genre <string>
--date <string>
--track <number[/total]>
--disk <number[/total]>
i only use it as no tutorial for eac...
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qaac: Command Line Options
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here it is, now the developer has given some useful infos =)